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The Best Wheel Cleaner for Your Car – Top 10 Reviews

Best Wheel CleanerEven without an expensive and flashy car, you can still show off your wheels if they are shining clean. A clean car, regardless of year manufactured, is a lot better than a dirty car of the latest model.

A car’s outside appearance can either make or break the deal. So, if you take care of the inside machinery of the car, you should not neglect its exterior aesthetics. To accomplish this, you need the best wheel cleaner.

The best wheel cleaner provides your car’s wheel a clean look. Since wheels are part of the bottom portion of the car, we cannot deny the fact that they are also the dirtiest. Mud, dirt, water, and snow cover them all the time.

10 Best Wheel Cleaner

1. CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner

CAR GUYS Wheel Cleaner

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CAR GUYS is one of the leading brands for wheel cleaners. The CAR GUYS wheel cleaner guarantees that it is safe to use for all tires and rims.

You’re assured that the components it contains do not have any harmful ingredients. It utilizes an advanced pH-neutral formula that can remove road grime and tough dirt that has accumulated on your car’s wheels.

CAR GUYS wheel cleaner cleans rotors, calipers, and exhaust tips. It can also remove old tire dressings conveniently without any degreaser. And if you have whitewall tires, fret not, as it cleans the white rubber part too. This best wheel cleaner is generally safe for all tires, indeed.


  • Safe to use on alloy, aluminum, and chrome
  • Can be diluted in water or use as is
  • pH neutral formula
  • Works on all tires and metals
  • Environment-friendly formula
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Made in the USA


  • It may damage paint when accidentally used on painted areas

2. Adam’s Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Wheel Cleaner

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Specifically crafted to target heavy brake dust, this best wheel cleaner is one that’s worth a try. It has advanced chemical technology which uses a simple spray-and-agitate formula. It works by dissolving metallic contaminants on your wheels. As a matter of fact, you can clearly see how it turns brake dust into purple and how it falls off from your wheels!

The product is also acid-free and has a neutral pH formula that effectively eliminates dirt and grime. It is also safe for most wheel finishes, including powder-coated, clear-coated, painted, chrome, and alloy wheels. However, you cannot use this product on aluminum and bare metallic wheels.


  • Removes build-up of brake dust
  • Non-acid formula
  • pH neutral
  • Citrus scent
  • Gel-like consistency does not fall off from the tire when applied


  • Can be rough on brake calipers
  • Smelly
  • Not safe for aluminum and bare metallic wheels

3. P & S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection Total Wheel Cleaner

P & S Double Black Renny Doyle Collection Total Wheel Cleaner

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The Renny Doyle Double Black Collection wheel cleaner gives a remarkable impact after use. It has a foaming action, which ensures total cleaning coverage of both tires and wheels.

Hence, you can be assured that no damage will ever occur when using this best wheel cleaner. Additionally, it boasts of safe and quick removal of oil, dirt, and brake dust. It also claims to remove any signs of stains and light corrosion.

The non-acid wheel cleaner comes as a gel. This consistency allows it to adhere to surfaces better. Since it sticks better than the liquid form wheel cleaners, it has enough time to penetrate the accumulated dirt and stains for easy cleaning. The formula also includes corrosion inhibitors, which give your wheels a layer of protection against future corrosion.


  • Non-acidic formula
  • Foam cleanser
  • Protects from future corrosion
  • Made in the USA


  • May damage gloss black, matte, and satin painted wheels

4. Armor All Extreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Armor All Extreme Wheel & Tire Cleaner

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The Extreme Wheel and Tire Cleaner from Armor All works best on tough and stubborn dirt. It dissolves brake dust and road grime with its effective and safe ingredients.

While some tire cleaners can damage aftermarket wheels, this cleaner works well with them. You do not need to worry if the original manufacturer does not make your tires. True to its name, Armor All, the formula of this wheel and tire cleaner is safe for all wheels.

This wheel cleaner is also easy to use. You simply have to spray it on both the wheel and tire, then hose it off. The convenience is brought about by its formula that absorbs brake dust. That is why minimal effort is required on your part since you do not need to scrub it off.


  • Easy to use
  • Formula absorbs brake dust
  • No scrubbing needed
  • Safe for all coated factory and aftermarket wheels


  • Hazard statement by the label states that it may cause cancer

5. Carfidant Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Spray

Carfidant Ultimate Wheel Cleaner Spray

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This wheel cleaner spray from Carfidant Ultimate cleans the rims efficiently. You can rely on this best wheel cleaner for your regular maintenance as well as quick wheel clean-up. It has a pH-balanced and acid-free formula. The use of the wheel cleaner requires a simple three-step process: spray, soak and rinse.

It also boasts of being free from dyes and scents. There is nothing on this product that may cause irritation or harm to you and the environment when cleaning. The contents of this wheel cleaner are safe to use for all wheel types as well. So, whether you have alloy, painted, clear-coated, mag, chrome, and anything in between, this wheel cleaner is definitely your best pick.


  • Safe for you to use
  • Environment-friendly
  • Non-acidic
  • Free from dyes and scents
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all rim types


  • Need to use a lot of product on tough dirt and stains

6. Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Mothers Foaming Wheel & Tire Cleaner

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As people always say, mothers know best. So, when it comes to the best wheel cleaner, we also trust a cleaner from Mothers.

Not only is this an affordable choice for a wheel cleaner, but it also upholds safe components on its formula. It is a non-acidic foaming cleanser that you can use for both the rim and tire.

Additionally, it cleans both blackwalls and whitewalls. It is one of the go-to cleaners chosen by many.

The spray-and-hose-off formulation penetrates and breaks up all brake dust, dirt, grime, and grease present on the wheels and tires. It also features a spot-free rinse, which guarantees a shiny wheel without the need to hand dry.


  • Affordable
  • Great for both wheels and tires
  • Can be used for blackwalls and whitewalls
  • No need to hand-dry
  • Safe for: clear coated, painted, color coated, chrome, modular, steel wheels
  • Use for factory coated wheels and hubcaps


  • Not intended for polished and roughcast aluminum
  • Not for motorcycle wheels and casings
  • Do not use on billet or anodized wheels

7. Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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One of the most affordable wheel cleaners on the market is the Turtle Wax All Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Do not let the affordable price fool you!

This inexpensive cleaner has the same cleaning prowess as most high-end brands on the market. Mostly used for auto and truck wheel and tire maintenance, Turtle Wax’s foaming properties break dirt, brake dust, and other residue. It also clears mud away, leaving your rims and tires looking effortlessly new.

It has a heavy-duty cleaning action that does not require scrubbing even on most tough dirt and stains. This wheel cleaner makes use of synthetic brake dust remover as well as active grease-cutting ingredients that penetrate dirt and grime to clean surfaces without doing any harm on wheels and tires.

It can further remove tire browning and is considered safe for painted calipers and even powdered cuttings. If you are looking for an amazing wheel cleaner that is friendly on the pocket but does not compromise quality, get this cleaner.


  • Foam formula penetrates hard dirt and stains
  • Acid-free
  • Compatible on all types of wheels and tires
  • Deep cleaning
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) compliant
  • Forms a solid barrier that protects tire and wheel
  • Very affordable


  • Does not shine tires and wheels

8. Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect

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The acid-free and non-corrosive formula used in Sonax Wheel Cleaner Full Effect is safe on all kinds of aluminum, chrome, alloy, anodized and stainless steel. If you have painted or clear-coated wheels, then this product is also a great choice for you.

The color-change mechanism of this wheel cleaner lets you see that it is indeed working as it removes the most stubborn dirt, rubber residues, oil, and brake dust.

As soon as the product comes in contact with iron or ferrous metals, the color-changing formula is activated, and you will see the change to deep red or purple.

This means that it has attached itself to the dirt to emulsify brake dust. For the best result, it is recommended to use high-pressure water so that you can achieve shiny wheels after cleaning.


  • Non-acid wheel cleaner
  • Color-changing formula
  • Safe on most wheel finishes
  • No need to be diluted in water
  • Easy to use


  • Strong smell
  • May require high-pressure water for rinsing

9. Griot’s Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

Griot’s Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

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Griot’s Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner has improved performance compared to the regular wheel cleaner from the same brand.

Aside from more active ingredients that work harder to eliminate stains and dirt, this formula has a more tolerable scent. Since most products have a smelly scent that hangs around for a while even after cleaning, the scent of this best wheel cleaner does not linger.

It also has a color-changing formula, which changes to a deep purple to indicate that the cleaning process is starting. It clings naturally to dirt and other substances that need to be removed.

Its pH-balanced, non-caustic and non-acidic properties are safe to use on any wheel finish: anodized, powder-coated, painted, chrome, and uncoated aluminum.


  • Safe for all types of wheel finishes
  • Scent does not linger
  • Viscous liquid clings on the wheel to loosen up the dirt
  • Color-changing formula
  • Available for refills


  • Expensive

10. Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Eagle One All Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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This All Wheel and Tire Cleaner is undoubtedly one of the more noteworthy wheel cleaners out there. It comes from America’s premium wheel cleaning brand.

This wheel cleaner is acid-free and can be used for most wheel types and hubcaps. It has 2-in-1 foaming action that cleans and shines. It provides you with good value for your money.

You can also save more, considering that you do not need to purchase another cleaner for tires as it cleans both the rims and tires. It also amazingly restores your tires to black. So, if you’re tired of looking at those faded tires, a simple clean with this cleaner can do the trick.

The easy-to-use spray also provides quick results. All you have to do is spray and rinse. You don’t even need to scrub it off as the formula is strong enough to remove dirt and grime from the wheels and tires.


  • Acid-free
  • Safe for most tires
  • Foaming action
  • Restores tires to black color
  • Cleans and shines


  • Use only on cool wheels
  • Not applicable for PVD, aluminum, non-factory painted, gold-painted, and motorcycle wheels

How to Choose the Best Wheel Cleaner

When you choose the best wheel cleaner, there are several considerations you have to make. These factors will determine if the cleaner that you want is suited to your needs. Before buying a wheel cleaner, make sure that you keep these factors in mind.

Non-Toxic and Acid-Free

A wheel cleaner with a balanced pH level contains chemicals that will not harm your wheels. Some cleaners contain harmful chemicals that damage the rims and the tires, and surrounding parts in the long run.

Additionally, alkaline cleaners may work fast in removing dirt, but their ingredients melt the metal surface of the wheel as time goes by. This will cause irreversible damage to the wheels. So, you need to be careful and check the label first before buying.

Easy to Use

Some cleaners may be efficient, but they tend to give you complex instructions. The best wheel cleaner will clean the wheels expertly without giving you too much hassle.

Some cleaners on this list are very convenient to use with a spray-wait-rinse process. On the other hand, a few cleaners may require scrubbing to properly remove any dirt, brake dust, and grime, among many others.


Can you call a wheel cleaner the best when it harms the environment? Many wheel cleaners on the market have ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

As you rinse and wash off the cleaner from your rims, the chemicals from it tend to wash off and find themselves in storm drains. To ensure that you protect your wheels and the environment, choose a product with eco-friendly labels.

Easy to Rinse

Many people complain about residue after rinsing. It’s not because they do not rinse the wheels properly, but rather because of the ingredients and chemicals that the wheel cleaner has.

Some formulas are just too hard to rinse out. Check reviews and other people’s experiences before buying a product, and look for their rinsing experience.

This will save you the headache of unwanted residue, and you can save money on your water bill as well since you won’t use too much water in an attempt to wash away the remains of the cleaner.


The price of the cleaner plays an important factor too. Those who think they need to shell out a lot to get a quality cleaner, think again.

You can find really great cleaners at an affordable price. However, you shouldn’t also sacrifice quality over price. Some cleaners are sold cheaply because they do not clean well or are made from low-cost and harmful ingredients.


The best wheel cleaner is an important tool in your car maintenance. Car aesthetics and cleanliness speak a lot about its owner.

Dirty cars do not really give a good impression on others, no matter how expensive your car may be. And since the wheels tend to get the dirtiest as they handle one of the hardest jobs for the car, you need to give a considerable amount of attention to it.

Most wheel cleaners are also formulated to restore the wheel’s color and shine. They further prolong the wheels by minimizing corrosion. Some cleaners contain ingredients that provide a thin layer of protection to prevent future corrosion.

It takes some time and effort on your part to achieve a good-looking vehicle. However, this effort is worth it in the long run.

Routine maintenance and the proper cleaning of your wheels – and tires – will save you from unnecessary bills in the future since you can prevent damage that may occur without cleaning and proper maintenance.



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