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50 Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts Under $50 – Gift Ideas for Gadget Lovers

50 tech gadget under$50

Birthdays of your loved ones deserve a big and expensive gift, but what about Valentine’s Day?

Do you want to know some creative ideas for Valentine’s Day that won’t cost you much? You might want to be more financially responsible this year.

If that’s the reason, you might want something affordable for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. If your partner is a tech-geek, these gifts will prove to be very valuable for him/her.

This post will help you choose a perfect gift for your Valentine and that will be light on your pocket too. So, here’s the list of the 50 Valentine’s day tech gifts under $50:

1. Anker PowerCore 13000

Anker PowerCore 13000

Portable chargers are a savior and they offer a better experience if there are two ports for charging instead of one. With two ports in one power bank, you’ll be able to charge two devices at once. The Anker PowerCore 13000 can prove to be an amazing Valentine’s day present as it is suited for todays’ needs.

It has a small size and can charge devices such as tablets 1.5 times. The portable charge also offers a great conversion and power capacity. Also, the device has a strong build and is ideal for taking along while travelling.

2. Fast charge your iPhone with this

If your partner is an iPhone owner, you can use the Apple Lightning to USB-C Cable as a perfect gift for this Valentine. This is a very fast charger and can easily connect to iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is 1 meter long and can charge your iOS devices faster than ever.

The cable can also be used with Apple 29W, 61W, or 87W USB-C power adapter for charging the Apple devices. It is compatible with many computers such as the Thunderbolt and the Macbook Pro. A fast charger can save the day and avoid unnecessary long charging sessions with normal chargers.

3. Flames for your desk

Flames for your desk

Flames for your desk can prove to be very handy, especially if you want some light in only one corner of your room. The Eterbiz LED flame effect table lamp is a beautiful one and it is very easy to use and carry too. It has 2 modes: warm yellow light and flickering fire. You just have to press the on/off switch for operating.

The flickering fire mode creates an amazing ambience with a flaming fire that starts from the bottom of the lamp and goes to the top. The lamp can prove to be an amazing Valentine’s day gift as it can be used for many purposes such as home decoration, table lamp, fireplace, romantic setting, and more.

4.  Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive

Seagate 1 TB Hard Drive

The Seagate 1 TB Hard drive is a portable and thinnest 1 TB hard drive available on the market. You can easily create a backup plan with the Seagate Dashboard software. There is no power supply needed for this hard drive as it is USB powered. The Seagate 1 TB Hard drive also comes with a compact case which stores it comfortably and makes it easier for you to carry it on the go.

The device is very fast and affordable and the management software is very user-friendly. The hard drive can prove to be very helpful and an awesome gift especially if a backup plan is needed other than the cellphones.

5. Fire Tablet is actually pretty cool

Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa

The Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa is an amazing thing to gift this Valentine’s Day. It is thin, light, and has an improved display plus gigantic battery life. It has a beautiful 7’’ IPS display and a battery life of 8 hours. The memory is impressive, and you can expand it up to 256 GB too.

You can use Alexa for giving commands and accessing the entertainment or information you want to. You can also ask Alexa for making calls and messaging. You can enjoy millions of ebooks, movies, songs, TV shows and more. This can prove to be a lovely gift this season.

6.  A light that plays music

Sengled Solo Color Plus LED RGBW Bulb

The Sengled Solo Color A19 Plus LED is a very beautiful and romantic thing to gift to your Valentine. This is a colorful and compact lamp and has a hi-fi speaker too that delivers clear and loud sound. The lamp plays powerful music and is of superb quality as compared to other Bluetooth speaker bulbs on the market.

You can pick from a variety of colors and create an extra effect in your room with the changing colors and the music that plays. Also, there is an auto sleep timer that allows you to sleep quickly, and then it turns off itself.

7. The little mouse that could

A wireless mouse can be very helpful especially if it can work anywhere. The Logitech MX 2S wireless mouse can be used on any surface and the good thing is that it is rechargeable too. It offers hyper fast scrolling and dual connectivity too. Using this mouse, you can navigate seamless on more than one computer.

You can scroll through web pages and documents and do precise navigation too. You can connect up to three Mac or Windows computers and laptops. After a single charge, the battery can last up to 70 days as it is rechargeable.

8. Greatest charging cable of all time

Greatest charging cable

The Native Union Night Cable is an ultra-powerful cable and is very durable too. It has a strong reinforced structure and offers high speed charging. It has an O-flex strain relief design, and this prevents kinks and curls from occurring.

Also, it is extra-long as it has a 10 ft. range and allows you to charge all of your devices with comfort. The cable is compatible with almost all Apple devices and comes with a lifetime limited warranty too.

9. Most useful mini light ever

Most useful mini light

A pocket-sized mini light can prove to be a savior in many situations. The Amaran Al-M9 is a compact and a very lightweight device. It is very flexible and is perfect for many applications. It is ultra-thin and has a built-in Lithium battery that can be charged through USB.

The device also uses high efficiency bulbs with adjustable brightness in 9 steps. The AL-M9 can be used for macro product photography, run and gun video and so on.

10. Most useful medium light ever

Most useful medium light

The Supon LED-L122T RA CR195 Super Slim LCD display is the most useful medium light ever. The LED light is good for photography and video shooting. It is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Pentax, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm and other DSLR brands, tripods, and camcorders.

The light can be charged with a Lithium battery when you’re outdoor or with an AC adapter when you’re indoor. The brightness and color is adjustable and you choose the level according to your preference. It has more than 95% color rendering index which gives a natural look to the pictures.

11. Bring fire to your TV in 4K

Fire to TV in 4K

Media sticks can be very useful for streaming media and that’s why we have the Fire TV Stick 4K on our list of Valentine gifts. It has a new Wi-Fi antenna design that has good storage for games and apps. It also comes with an all new Alexa voice remote which launch and control movement.

You can watch all your favorite shows from Netflix, Primevideo and many other apps easily. So, if there is no cable or satellite, there is no need to worry as the Fire TV stick 4K will allow watching all the favorite channels and apps easily.

12. Roku might still be king supreme though

Roku might still be king supreme

The Roku Express is an advanced HD streaming media player and will be a perfect and handy tech gift for your Valentine. The device has a very simple setup process and the remote is very easy to use. There is a high speed HDMI cable included too and there is intuitive navigation so that the user operates it with ease.

There are a plethora of streaming services available and you can watch series and movies from HBO, Netflix, YouTube, Sling TV, and many other alternatives.

13. This light has balls too

light has balls

This light has a very unique design and if you want to give something romantic yet useful to your partner, this will be a good choice. It has a warm light effect and has an overall balanced design. There are 48 LEDs light beads that can keep your surroundings warm and lit up.

The light is controlled by two magnet balls and is very easy to operate. The light switches on when you lift the lower magnet ball and remains suspended in the air. Its lifetime is 50,000 hours which is quite impressive, and the package includes a user manual too.

14. My favorite Mac Book dongle ever

Favorite Mac Book dongle

The HooToo USB C Hub is a premium USB adapter with type C charging port. It is compatible with MacBook, Chromebook, and other devices. There are three ports for charging and a slot for SD memory card reading. You can easily connect mouse, keyboard, and any other device to your type C devices such as the MacBook using this dongle.

You can also extend your screen using the HDMI port for screening full HD videos. It has a slim and compact design with TPE cable coating and the good thing is that there is EMI protection that keeps it safe from interference of other devices.

15. A dongle that morphs into your iMac

dongle that morphs into your iMac

The Satechi Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro is designed for iMac and it adds USB expansion ports in it. You can attach the dongle to the front of the computer so that you can access other devices conveniently. There is an adjustable knob that fastens the hub to the bottom of the computer so that it remains there in a secure position.

There is a micro SD card reader slot too so that you transfer data in a secure and faster way. The dongle looks stylish and is designed to complement your computer.

16. Most underrated wired headphones for the price

Most underrated wired headphones for the price

If you’re looking for something really affordable and unique for this Valentine, you must try the Crown series headphones. The headphones will be a perfect gift for your partner if he/she loves listening to music. The headphones are foldable too and thus they are very portable. There are track and volume controls and an in-line mic too.

The headphones come with cords for Android and iOS for easy connectivity no matter which device you have. The headband is flexible, and the ear cups are comfortable to use.

17. Update your headphone game NOW

Update your headphone game

If your partner is into music, you’re lucky because there are a lot tech-related gifts you can give as a present this Valentine. The Audio Technica ATH-AVC400 SonicPro over-ear headphones are of amazing quality and they deliver excellent sound too.

The headphones have a self-adjusting headband support and thus are very comfortable. The earpads are soft and they don’t cause any pressure on the ears when you are wearing them – even after a long time. These are wired headphones with large 53 mm drivers that deliver clear and crisp sound.

18. LOVE these headphones too

LOVE these headphones

The Bluedio T2s Bluetooth headphones are advanced ones, designed to deliver good quality music. If you’re looking for wireless headphones, this one is a must try. The good thing is that, you can use them in both forms; wireless and wired. These headphones offer a very long time play and that is for 40 hours after one charge.

They have a 190 degree cool rotary design and are very easy to carry because of the compact design. These headphone also have a headband style that is designed to fit all types of head sizes.

19. The only way to store your headphones

The only way to store your headphones

Storing headphones can be a bit messy. When you don’t get any good place to store you just throw your headphones in the draw or on the desk and if they are wired ones, it gets really annoying to use them again. The BRAINWAVZ Truss offers an amazing solution to store your headphones.

This is an all metal under desk dual headphone hanger stand mount that allows you to store your headphones in a neat and organized way.

20. Starlords favorite headphones

Starlords favorite headphones

The JLab Audio Rewind Wireless Retro headphones are perfect as a Valentine’s day gift. They offer 12 hours of playtime and are equipped with all the controls that you need for an easy operation. They have a lightweight and beautiful design and will make you feel very nostalgic.

The EQ3 sound technology allows you to change the tune such as Bass boost, balanced and signature, using the headphone. There is also a two year warranty on the headphones too.

21. Really clean earbuds

Really clean earbud

If your partner doesn’t like headphones, you can go for the slim and sleek earbuds. The Sony WI-C300 are in-ear headphones with a battery life of up to 8 hours. These earbuds are equipped with 9 mm neodymium drivers for exceptional sound quality.

The earbuds have a comfortable behind the neck style and are compatible with voice assistant and hands-free calling. The earbuds are equipped with 4.2 Bluetooth and NFC technology. Overall, they are clean and really mess-free, so they can prove to be good as a gift too.

22. Your go-to-workout headphones

Your go-to-workout headphone

The Anker Wireless headphones are a perfect gift for your Valentine as they are equipped with the most advanced technology. These headphones offer noise isolation and are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

The headphones will make your partner’s day as they are very handy and have lots of features to excite the user. The sweatproof technology is also very useful and the high-octane sound makes sure you enjoy your music to the fullest.

23. Dopest backpack brand ever

Dopest backpack brand

Backpacks are one of the handiest things out there and everyone needs them more than once in their lifetime. The Vaschy Unisex Classic Water-resistant school backpack is a casual one and is available in many choices of colors. The backpack is very lightweight and is easy to organize too.

The backpack is made up of polyester and has a large capacity. It has a very neat design and the shoulder strap is adjustable too. This heavy-duty backpack is also available with a warranty.

24. Double the battery life of your Nintendo Switch

Double the battery life of your Nintendo Switch

If you’re tired with the limited battery life of your Nintendo Switch or any other device, you can use this Antank portable battery case. The charging stand is portable and can extend the battery life of the Nintendo switch by 100%.

The device has 5 layers of advanced safety protection and you can also store 2 game cards using the 2 extra game card slots. This can be a very unique and useful gift, and it won’t look cheap at all.

25. Solid desktop soundbar

Solid desktop soundbar

If you want to improve and amplify the sound quality of your TV or computer, you must use the TaoTronics Computer speakers. They are stereo USB powered and have a very slim and sleek design.

The sound bar has a very simple operation and is microphone and headphone enabled. You don’t even have to sacrifice the desk space because of its compact design and it works well with any TV or computer.

26. Best Beats pill knockoff ever. Might even be better

Best Beats pill knockoff

Bluetooth speakers are heavenly, especially if you want to enjoy loud music. If you want something with a killer audio to gift to your loved one, the Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth speakers are perfect for that.

The speakers create an amazing and immersive listening environment as they use state of the art bass radiators. The speakers are sleek and sophisticated and keep playing music all the day as they use the powerful Lithium Ion battery.

27. Super Clean and Underrated Mini Speaker

Super Clean and Underrated Mini Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth streaming is an amazing thing and if you can stream good quality sound from your device, it serves to be very handy. The JBL GO 2 mini-speaker has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers 5 hours of play time.

The speaker is waterproof and noise free and allows you to make crystal clear conference calls too. There is an audio cable input so that you plug it into the speaker and connect to your device, in case your device doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature.

28.  A skull that plays music… I LOVE IT

If your loved one is fond of gothic and creepy things, you can surprise him/her by gifting this Skull portable stereo Bluetooth speaker this Valentine. This speaker has a skull design and can be used as a beautiful home décor too.

The speaker has an amazing quality sound that is loud and crisp, both. The speaker is equipped with a 4000 mAh rechargeable battery that supports a talk time of 5 to 10 hours. The speaker is also very portable and can easily fit into your backpack.

29. Speaker for those interior design lovers

Speaker for those interior design lovers

Does your partner have an in interest home décor? The Photive Sphere wireless Bluetooth speaker is a beautiful and handy one that you can gift to your loved one this year. The speaker produces amazing sound and is good for creating a party effect at your place.

The speaker can not only prove to be a good sound producing device, but also a perfect piece of home décor. It has a slim and sleek design and looks very stylish in any setting.

30. Google Home for Win

Google Home Mini has a cute design and is equipped with advanced technology. The device has a multi-user capability and offers dual band connectivity. Using the Google Home mini device, you can connect to your Wi-Fi network and get access to all the smart devices connected to it. It features far-field voice recognition technology and Google Assistant.

You can also give commands to the device by using the built-in speaker in the device. Also, you can stream music from any smart device that is compatible with it. Google Home Mini is a perfect gift for this Valentine’s day as it can suit almost all types of home décor.

31. New Amazon Echo Dot design is heart-eye-emoji’s

New Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is now getting popular as a smart speaker and it can be an amazing gift too. It produces rich sound and allows you to stream songs from Apple music, Amazon music, and more. The device also allows the user to connect with others such as message or call anyone using a compatible Echo device.

You can also connect it to a speaker using a 3.5 mm audio cable. Using Alexa, you can also voice control your smart home.

32. Smart speaker that actually sounds amazing

Smart speaker that actually sounds amazing

Are you looking for something smart and trendy to give to your partner this year? If yes, you can try the portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart speaker by FABRIQ. The device is equipped with Amazon Alexa and features wireless connectivity with stereo pairing for multi-room sound.

You can connect up to 10 speakers using wireless network and create a multi-room audio system. The device is very portable because it has a Bluetooth capability too, so you can take it along with you on the go.

33. The hockey puck that makes any speaker smart

The hockey puck that makes any speaker smart

If you want to bring Alexa to your own speaker, use Echo Input as it does it very nicely. Echo Input features an external speaker to which Alexa is added and it connects through a Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio cable. The surprising thing is that, the device can hear you even if you are in the other room.

Using Alexa, you can read news, play songs, check the traffic or weather condition, and more. Alexa is getting smarter day by day and there are more features being added such as games and fitness tracking apps.

34. BUFF DUDES smart scale

BUFF DUDES smart scale

If your partner is a fitness geek, you can gift use this smart scale as a Valentine’s day present this year. The eufy Smart scale is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and has a large LED display. It can track your weight, BMI, body fat, and can even perform a body composition analysis. You can learn about 12 insightful measurements of your body’s health and that too instantly.

The health trends and progress is recorded in the device automatically over time. The sensors in the device make extremely precise and accurate health measurements.

35.  Straight from Batman’s utility belt

Straight from Batman’s utility belt

Photography is not an easy thing and if you want to improve it, you’ll need advanced tech for that. The Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 Solo is designed for holding camera during a physical activity and it gives amazing and instant access for capturing pictures.

It can easily attach to a belt or strap of 2.5 inches width and 0.6 inches thickness. It allows fast changing of lens and has a clip only design. There is a quick release lock that can bear the weight of up to 200 lbs.

36.  My favorite travel accessory

Favorite travel accessory

Charging gets hectic sometimes, especially if there are more than one device with a low battery. In such cases, a smart HUB can be a savior. So why not give something to your loved one that can make his/her life easier? Using the Native Union Smart HUB, you can charge up to 4 devices at once.

This device allows you to quick charge iPhone and other smartphones and tablets. There are 4 USB ports including a USB-C port and 2 AC outlets. The hub has over-current protection to and it allows fast USB charging.

37.  Macgyver’s favorite travel accessory

Macgyver’s favorite travel accessory

Storage backup can be a savior when the space in your smartphone is running out. The RAVPower FileHub is a wireless travel router that offers storage backup too. It acts as a portable SD card and can help you transfer files between USB drivers, smart devices, hard disks, and SD cards.

It can also convert a wired network to a wireless one and allow you to share the network with others securely. Using the device, you can also share photos, music, videos and more with your friends and family.

38. More storage for your iPhone

More storage for your iPhone

If storage is a problem for your partner, why not gift something that can free up some space in her/his phone? The PNY Duo Link Sync and Charge device is designed to free up the space in iPhone by transferring the data to a flash drive.

The DUO Link USB 3.0 OTG Flash drive allows you to sync, backup, store, and share all the content on your iPhone and free up a lot of space there. The device is robust and flexible, and it also allows charging the iOS devices and transfers files simultaneously.

39. Extra storage for that USB-C life

Extra storage for that USB-C life

This can also prove to be an amazing tech-related gift for your Valentine. The VIKASI USB Flash drive is designed for iPhone and it allows high speed transmission with up to 30 MB/s reading speed and 10 MB/s writing speed. It also allows you to transfer files to and from iPhone to other devices or computers using iCoud, iTune, or a cable.

The app ‘i-easy drive’ is free and it allows automatic installation when you connect the device. You can also put a password to keep your data safe and secure. The VIKASI USB flash drive supports iOS 7 and all the above other versions.

40. Craziest phone lens I’ve ever seen

Craziest phone lens

Photography is not everyone’s thing but if your friend is into it, you must appreciate it. A good way to encourage him/her is by gifting a good quality lens kit. This phone camera lens kit is a 5 in 1 cell phone lens kit that gives a DSLR lens feel. There are upgraded version dual adjustments that offer improved photography and video.

There is wide compatibility and you can use it with many types of DSLR cameras. This lens kit is also available with a 1 year warranty which is backed by 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

41.  You like charging all the things? Me too

Charging all the things

This Hub can prove to be a very handy one as it can charge as many as 10 devices at a time. Yes, you hear right, it offers fast and simultaneous charging of this many smart devices. There are 7 ultra-fast ports that allow you to transfer data of up to 5 Gbps.

There are 3 dedicated charging ports featuring advanced technology that offer fast charging of up to 2.1 amps per port. Also, it has a very compact design and it’s very lightweight. You can take it along with you on the go, and the good thing is that it comes with an 18 months warranty too.

42.  Let your phone lean while charging

phone lean while charging

This is a smart and stylish wireless charger and it will be a unique gift if you choose it. It is powered by a leading technology and allows you to charge forward using advanced components. You can charge your device horizontally or vertically and also keep track of messages, watch videos, or use face ID.

The device is totally safe and it eliminates the overheating risks and radiations. There is overvoltage protection, foreign object detection, and temperature control so that you and your device is protected properly.

43. Protect your laptop while looking cool like Stevie

Protect your laptop while looking cool

Does your partner own a MacBook Pro Retina 15’’? A good idea is to gift him/her a protective case for the MacBook Pro this year. This Incase Designs Slim Sleeve is designed for MacBook Pro Retina 15’’ and it offers amazing protection to the computer.

The case is durable and made up of 300D heathered weave Ecoya eco-dyed poly construction. It will keep the Macbook Pro protected and prevent it from getting scratches and marks.

44. Hide your electronics in a book

Hide your electronics in a book

A perfect present for your tech-geek friend! The Twelve South Book Caddy Sack is an amazing travel kit that can store all of your tech related things together. It is made up of genuine leather and can organize your important laptop tools and components.

There is elastic organization inside the kit that can store the dongles, USB adapters, and all the extra cables neatly. There is a separate and secure storage for charging cable and MacBook power adapter for the MacBook Pro.

45. Charge your AirPods wirelessly

Charge your AirPods wirelessly

The SliQ by East Brooklyn Labs is a compact and lightweight device that allows you to charge your AirPods wirelessly. With this device, you’ll never run out of charge from your AirPods and keep on listening to your favorite music all the time. The charger is shock proof and make sure your AirPods don’t get shaken or messed while they’re being charged.

Also, you don’t need to remove the AirPods from the case while you’re listening to the music as they are safe and secure. The case is also dust proof and is overly protective. There is a removable cap cover and there is a button for operating it.

46. Tech YouTube Classic

If your friend is a YouTuber or Vlogger, you must gift this beautiful gadget to him/her on this Valentine’s Day. The Blue Snowball iCE Condenser microphone cardioid is a perfect device that can record your vocals, add narration, and create podcasts.

It has a frequency response of 40-18 kHZ that allows you to add crystal clear audio to YouTube recordings. You don’t have to install any drivers as it has a plug-and-play system. Just plug the device directly to your computer or Mac and get started.

47.  Dope Apple Watch Stand

An Apple Watch stand can be a good gift this Valentine as it is designed to keep the watch safe and secure. An Apple Watch is a beautiful and precious thing and it should be taken care of properly. The stand has a weighted base and a rubber non-slip bottom.

It is made up of anodized precision CNC’d polished aluminum that makes it look stylish and trendy. Also, there is a concealed cable channel on the backside so there’s no mess while you keep the watch on the stand.

48.  Speaker with LED lights that are customizable

Speaker with LED lights

Creating a dance night environment is an easy thing now as we have the Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED speaker. The speaker looks very beautiful and has an LED customization option available too. Also, there is APP Control for Pixel Art Creation.

There is a free app for Android and iOS so that you can control the gadget with your smartphone too. There is an advanced notification system that gives on-screen notification for various social media updates and incoming calls. You can also create your own images and drawings using the user-friendly app.

49. This brings my childhood back

This brings my childhood back

This cartridge slot will you give a nostalgic feel! The Retro-bit RES Plus 8-bit console has an HDMI portand is compatible with your most loved classic Nintendo Entertainment System game cartridges. The package also includes two classic pro controllers that are wired and have a reach of 6 ft.

There is an HDMI cable included and there is HDMI and AV output too. The controllers are compatible with Retro-bit consoles and NES too. The gadget comes in a black and red design and looks very cute along with the red controllers. The gadget is overall very easy to use and can prove to be a perfect gift for your Valentine this year.

50. Make your Switch gain superpowers

Make your Switch gain superpowers

To make your Nintendo Switch use easier, you can use this GENKI Bluetooth audio for the Nintendo Switch. Using this you can connect your favorite headphones to the Switch and enjoy the high quality sound. It features USB type-C and is equipped with Bluetooth 5, multi pairing audio adapter, and aptX low latency.

You can easily use your wireless Bluetooth headphones while you play your favorite games and double the fun. There is also a multiplayer option so that you both can connect your headphones and enjoy the sound.



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