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Best Tactical Belt

A quality belt is an essential item for everyday use and is crucial for both men and women alike. When it comes to advanced designs and versatility, you cannot go wrong with a tactical belt. You can usually find tactical belts made of a durable nylon-based webbing material, which is adjustable and fits well across various sizes.

While made for functionality and optimal security, tactical belts are also quickly becoming a chic fashion choice. Here is a list of some of the best tactical belts available on the market.

1. Elite Survival Systems Tactical Belt

Elite Survival System’s newest model is one of the best tactical belts available. The company makes it in the United States and it’s about 1.75-inches wide. It features an imported Cobra Buckle originally crafted in Austria. This buckle has a quick-release setup that comes in handy in high-pressure scenarios.

This belt also comes with a G-string fastening that is near silent as you move. It’s also quite stiff and can handle over 7,000 pounds of rugged tensile strength, which is an asset for any rappelling activity.

This belt has passed numerous safety standards tests such as the UIAA and ANSI z359.1 exams.

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2. First Tactical Belt 1.5”

This 1.5-inch tactical belt from First Tactical is a high-caliber belt designed for professional use. It provides you with optimal comfort with its 1.5-inch wide high-density nylon webbing. In addition, it’s designed with a well-fitted curve that can adapt to your body, so your belt snugs against your waist perfectly.

Additionally, it comes with a sandwich-like buckle made from aluminum and steel, making it sturdy and durable. This belt also has a D-ring on its internal sidebar that gives your waist some extra support and ensures your belt stays in place as you move around.

If you are in need of a heavy-duty belt to add to your tactical gear, look no further than the Tactical Belt 1.5 for excellent comfort, support, and stability. It is available in three colors: coyote, black, and OD green.

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3. Rothco Heavyweight EDC / CCW Leather Gun Belt

The Rothco Heavyweight EDC tactical gun belt is more of a lowkey, concealed carry tactical belt. It has a vintage aesthetic and is one of the best tactical belts you will find. It is made from 4.8 full-grain leather and will keep your firearm safe and secure in your belt.

Since you can wear it for concealed carry, it is also more durable than other belts. It does not stretch or twist like a normal leather belt handles wear and tear very well due to its heavyweight construction and stainless-steel buckle.

This belt also comes in a plethora of different sizes, making it very customizable. However, it only comes in black, so buyers looking for more variety in colors may be disappointed.

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4. Tactical Range BeltFirst 1.5”

First Tactical’s Range Belt 1.5” is a great durable and versatile belt that will provide your waist with optimal comfort. However, unlike the other First Tactical belt mentioned earlier in the article, it comes at a much lower price.

This nylon belt comes with a double-duty curved nylon webbing that is pre-curved to fit perfectly to your body’s shape. It has high-density fibers that will make sure any weapon or gear you carry in it will stay secure around your body.

Besides the price, this belt is different from other tactical belts in two ways. First off, it’s equipped with a hidden section where you can keep your cuff key for money. Secondly, it comes with a high-density polymer buckle that is discreet and extra durable.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty belt at a low price, First Tactical’s Range belt is a great bet.

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5. Jukmo Tactical Belt

Juko’s Tactical duty belt model is hand-crafted and made of aluminum alloy. They also have adjustable lengths, which means you can adjust them properly to whatever pants you wear. They are made of stretch nylon that is both comfortable and tight, and it secures your items comfortably.

As for its loading capacity, the Jukmo tactical belt can hold multiple items for long periods. They are designed for hikers, SWAT teams, or even military use. They also come with various sizing options and four different colors: black, coyote, coffee, and grey.

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6. IDEATECH Tactical Belt

This belt from IDEATECH is one of the best budget belts you will find. At under $10, it provides great utility, comfort, style, and durability.

This belt comes equipped with a one-second quick-release buckle that you can take off by just pressing the two-button tabs down simultaneously. The quick-release buckle is made of heavy-duty metal alloy, and the rest of the belt consists of eco-friendly nylon webbing that is both comfortable and flexible. The webbing is also incredibly breathable, so it won’t feel too stuffy.

This belt is also very versatile and fits sizes from 30-50 inches. In addition, it comes with a strong loading capacity and can hold many useful items like tool kits and flashlights.

These sizes run a little big though, so consider purchasing a lower size than you normally would.

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7. Siebertron Men’s Military Belt

Siebertron’s newest tactical belt model is a multipurpose belt. It is useful for holding your gun, tools, and has a nice D-ring to secure rappelling. This D-ring also comes with 5000-pound tensile strength, so you always feel safe and secure.

You can also custom-secure this belt with a Velcro strap that keeps the belt end in place. And since the belt only comes in two different sizes, this feature is key. The two sizes are 30-40 inches or 40-50 inches.

This belt also comes with a 30-day warranty, and you can return it for a full refund. It also comes in two great camouflage colors at a reasonable price.

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8. CQB Belt by Blackhawk

Blackhawk’s newest CQB Belt was designed for incredibly heavy-duty use and is often recommended as a good belt for those who work in the armed forces or law enforcement. This belt is remarkably durable and is a parachute-grad model with a 7000-pound tensile strength that will keep your firearm firmly in place.

Blackhawk also has a spot to secure the loose belt-end, so it does not get in the way. It has a hook-and-loop closure on the buckle that keeps the belt compact.

They come in four different colors and multiple sizes.

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9. 5.11 Tactical Maverick Assaulter’s Belt

5.11 has built a reputation for high-end tactical equipment, and the newest Maverick Assaulters Tactical belt is no exception. Its sleek design provides you with easy access to your gear while maintaining comfort, so you can wear it all day, every day.

It has a custom-made AustriAlpin buckle that allows you to put on and take off the belt very quickly. This cobra-style buckle is also great for attaching your gear onto the belt in emergencies.

It also has a unique front-web loop feature that lets you customize the loadout on your belt. Ultimately, this is one of the most durable belts you can own.

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10. Condor Outdoor Tactical Belt

Condor’s new tactical belt model has military-grade materials and can hold your weapons with ease. It also comes with two magazine pouches at the sides that are attached with Velcro straps. This is very useful, but remember that Velcro is not the most secure fastening you can find. It also has a convenient quick-release feature so you can take it off without much hassle.

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11. Fairwin Tactical Belt

These new tactical belts from Fairwin are some of the best tactical belts on the market and belt fans worldwide love them for good reason. This design allows you to carry many different items, like tools and small belongings. It is strong enough to carry firearms, but it may not be rigid enough to stay in place if you choose to place your gun in the pouch.

The belt comes with standard dimensions with a 1.5-inch width and a diameter length that can cover up to 42 inches of the waist. It is also made from green-friendly nylon material that is both comfortable and durable. It also has two golden tabs that, if pressed together, trigger the belt’s quick-release feature. And if you accidentally press just one of the tabs, it will stay securely fastened.

This belt is very breathable and not too stiff. You also have a few color options at your disposal, such as black, green, or camouflage.

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12. High-Speed Gear HSGI Cobra

This belt is set apart from the other belts due to its wide array of color options, meaning you can customize it to your style preferences. It’s also constructed with durability and functionality in mind and has a great cobra buckle that secures very easily.

Like some of the other top-tier options on this list, the HSGI Cobra is also made of two-layer nylon that gives your belt a durable center that can handle magazine pouches or a holster.

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Buyer’s Guide

Like all purchases, the tactical belt that works best for you comes down to your intended use and personal preferences. That said, there are two main components to every belt that will make or break your experience: the strap and the buckle.

Here is a guide for what to look for in an optimal strap or buckle on your prospective belt.

Buckle Features


When you think of a sturdy buckle, the most obvious choice is likely a metal-based material, which is the most durable option. However, more and more consumers seem to prefer plastic or other non-metallic option for their belts because they tend to be lighter and are not easily detected by metal detectors at security checkpoints or airports.


The material you choose will impact the weight of your buckle, so it is worth looking at the material and considering whether the extra weight on the buckle is worth the extra weight on your waist.


Many belt buckles offer a quick-release button feature, and others use functions like a D-loop for a more secure attachment. The D-loop may take longer to take off but will be more secure. Consider which matters more to you before you make your purchase.

Strap Features


A high-density nylon webbing material is likely best for your tactical belt. It is also possible to find some leather options. So long as it is top-quality and highly durable, either should be fine.


Any tactical belt under 1.5 inches in width is likely a poor choice since it will not provide you with the strength you need for a tactical belt. A width between 1.5-2 inches is ideal.


There are various ways you can customize your belt with multiple attachments to fit your daily activity. For example, you could attach some pouches for some tools or gun holsters if you are a concealed carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding the best tactical belt and its use.

What are tactical belts for?

Tactical belts help keep your tactical pants secured, as well as carrying any additional tools you may need. These heavy-duty belts are designed for gun carriers, construction workers, or even law enforcement and military personnel.

What should I keep in my tactical belt?

This comes down to your intended use and daily activities, but typical items include a gun, tools, dump pouch, or a knife.

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