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The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount for 2021: Our Top 9 Picks

It is hard to imagine what life was like before cell phones, but those days are simply a distant memory for the older generations among us. There was once a time where you would mount your bike and hit the open road for hours on end, untethered from the rest of the world and only making a call if it meant stopping at a roadside payphone.

These days we hardly walk to our mailboxes and back without a cell phone in hand. Our ability to stay in touch, stay connected to work, or mindlessly scroll is ever-present. While our ever-growing addiction to phones is often cast in a negative light, there are plenty of positive attributes when it comes to cell phones.

In so many ways, these mobile devices make our lives easier. The ability to navigate is key among the list of positive attributes, which is why you often see phone mounts located on the dashboards of cars. Uber and other ride-sharing services certainly would not exist without them!

If your preferred mode of transportation favors two wheels over four, there is also a phone mount to fit your needs. We have rounded up the best motorcycle phone mounts to save you time shopping. Once you order and install a cell phone mount, you can get back out on the open road with your phone safely by your side.

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What To Look for in a Motorcycle Phone Mount: A Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the best motorcycle phone mount, durability and stability are critical. The last thing you want is to take a sharp turn or hit a speed bump and watch your expensive smartphone hurdling toward its demise.

When shopping for a motorcycle phone mount, keep these things in mind:


The mount should be made of high-quality and durable materials that can stand up to the elements. Ideally, a metal construction will be used in conjunction with padded grip points to protect the phone while holding it in place securely.

Grip Strength

The number of points where the mount grips the phone also makes a difference, and you want to look for the most secure fit possible. A loose grip in a car is less of a hazard when at worst, a phone might drop to the center console or floorboard. However, a loose grip on a motorcycle phone mount could spell disaster if the phone hits the pavement at top speeds.

Handlebar Size

Be sure to make a note of your handlebar measurements before purchasing a motorcycle phone mount to confirm the specific model is compatible as far as fitting goes.

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Ease of Adjustment

The nest mounts are secure and offer easy ways to adjust the phone for better viewing or snap it in and out of the mount. A snug fit is important for safety, but you also want to be able to pop the phone out easily at the end of your ride.

Keep these things in mind as you review different mounts to ensure you find one that will suit your needs and keep your phone safe and secure as you travel.

Rotation and Swiveling Function

Many mounts offer up to 360 degrees of rotation, allowing the rider to adjust the fit to personal preferences and switch easily between portrait and landscape viewing, depending on how the smartphone is being used.

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount: Our Top Nine Choices

Here are our favorite motorcycle phone mounts, including a wide variety at different price points to suit any shopper’s budget.

1. CAW.CAR Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

CAW.CAR makes fantastic mounting accessories for cars, so it is not surprising they also manufacture one of the best and most durable options for motorcycle phone mounts.

This metal and heavy-duty mount with silicone grips makes a “universal” claim on two fronts: (1) that it works with any cell phone and (2) that it works with any bike or motorcycle with tubular handlebars (.2” to 1.9” in diameter). Another selling point for this mount from CAW.CAR is that no tools are needed to install it.

A ball joint construction means you can tilt and rotate your phone with ease, changing the view as needed to reduce glare or for greater comfort when you change positions as you ride. Sturdy metal clips on the sides of this cell phone holder lock your phone into place, with the added security provided by the exterior bands. Users report that their phones stay securely in place with this mount, even with phone cases on.

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2. B-Land Waterproof Bike Phone Mount

The B-Land mount is a favorite for those looking for a waterproofing option; this mount includes a protective layer enclosing the phone with professional waterproof adhesive tape at the sealing. It works with phones with 4 to 7-inch screens, and the adjustable arm and ball joist design allow users to adjust to their preferences while riding.

The sensitive touch screen ensures you can still use the phone while it is in the mount, whether to change routes in your navigation system, place a call, turn on music, check the weather, or any other function on your smartphone.

No tools are needed to install this mount, and the magnetic patch keeps the phone securely in place in the mount. This is a fantastic option for those who ride in rainy or snowy conditions and need to ensure the phone is protected from moisture.

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3. Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Mount

One reason to love the Mongoora Bike & Motorcycle Mount? It comes with three different silicone butterfly bands, giving you even more bang for your buck. This mount is easy to install, with two metal bolts holding the mount in place and impact-resistant plastic reinforcing stability.

The Mongoora mount safely cradles your phone without obstructing your screen, allowing you an easy view for navigation, time, messages, and more. It is compatible with smartphones or navigation devices up to 3.7 inches wide, so be sure to measure before purchasing.

While the adjustable side clamps are the primary method for securing your phone, the colorful silicone bands add an extra layer of protection to ensure your smartphone stays put during a long ride.

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4. Andobil Bike Phone Mount

A no-tools-required installation makes the Andobil another great choice for a motorcycle phone mount. This model provides a safe and secure place for your phone to rest while you ride, and the anti-slip rubber pads and belt, along with a stable support shelf, means your phone stays put even in rough terrain.

The clip size is adjustable so that the mount works with handlebars from 15 to 45 millimeters in diameter, and the mount works for phones from 4 to 7 inches. Thanks to 360=degree rotation, you can adjust the placement if needed, and removing the phone is simple thanks to a quick-release button. It is made of polytetrafluoroethylene (or PTFE) and stands up to both hot and cold temperatures.

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5. Roam Co-Pilot Universal Bike Phone Mount

The Roam universal phone mount is one of the best universal mount fits, with a handlebar clamp that can be adjusted to fit almost every bike and a cradle that can hold almost any mobile phone. Six points of grip means you can count on the security of this mount to protect your phone while you are riding.

Using hard plastic, metal, and silicone, the Roam Co-Pilot is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Best of all, the company consistently gathers consumer feedback to refine their manufacturing process and ensure they are offering the best possible product. This mount is a consistent favorite among cyclists.

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6. Lamicall Bike Phone Holder Mount

Another great option for anyone in the market for a motorcycle phone mount is this model from Lamicall. A secure design with a quick detachment makes the Lamicall a reliable choice, and it does not require any tools for the easy installation process. This model will fit a motorcycle’s handlebar that is between 15 and 40 millimeters in diameter and works with a mobile phone between 4.7 and 6.8 inches.

Stainless steel construction means the Lamicall is built to last, and its shockproof protection will keep your phone safe and secure. The one-hand operation and detachment process means once you park your bike, popping your phone out is a breeze. You can also rotate it in the mount so that it can be viewed vertically or horizontally.

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7. Tiakia Bike Phone Mount

This mount from Tiakia will work with phones from 4.7 to 7.2 inches and is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that beats some of its plastic competitors. Stainless steel screws reinforce the stability of the bracket, and users can rotate the mount 360 degrees to view the phone in any direction.

The Tiakia mount holds your mobile phone firmly in place without obstructing the screen, and it works on a bike’s handlebar with a diameter of 22 to 33 millimeters. A silicone frame offers extra reinforcement at the four corners of the phone, and it takes just three seconds to lock the phone into the motorcycle cell phone mount or remove it.

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8. Grefay Bike Phone Mount

The quick-release feature on the Grefay mount makes it a favorite for ease of use, and a width adjustment knob allows you to fit phones from 3.5 to 7 inches. A 360-degree rotation and 15-degree tilt allow the user to customize their views, and the sturdy ABS plastic construction is both lightweight and durable enough for long rides. The phone screen is not obstructed while cradled securely in the Grefay mount, including face and touch ID features, so it is always accessible for riders.

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9. RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount

One of the best mounts on the market for those willing to spend a little more, the RAM X-Grip is made of composite and stainless steel hardware and is backed by a lifetime warranty. The mount comes with an optional tether for added protection, and this model works with handlebars from .625 inches to 1.5 inches. They also offer several other mount options, including U-bolt bases and fork stem bases (see FAQs below).

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FAQs for Motorcycle Phone Mounts

Can I Leave My Phone in Its Case Inside the Mount?

Some riders use protective phone cases that offer waterproofing and additional screen protection as well, and these may work within the mounts. However, you will need to check the specifications and measurements for each mount against your specific phone-and-case combo.

If the mount does not offer waterproofing and your phone case does, you may wish to leave it in the case if you may end up riding in inclement weather.

What if I Have Clip-On Grips Instead of a Traditional Handlebar?

Most phone mounts are designed for traditional handlebars; if you have clip-on grips, your best bet for a phone mount will involve a fork stem mount. This may be a bit more expensive and have a more complicated installation process, but it will be the best way to keep your phone secure.

Will the Vibrations from My Motorcycle Affect My Phone?

Even with the stability provided by a high-quality motorcycle phone mount, it is still possible that the vibrations could damage your phone’s camera or other accessories. This is something to look out for when reading consumer reviews and considering different mounts. In some cases, mount manufacturers also sell accessories to absorb vibrations.

How Much Do Motorcycle Phone Mounts Cost?

Mounts come in a wide variety of prices for any budget, with many under the $20 price point and some at $80 or more. While price is one factor, be sure it is not the only part of your decision-making process; the mount you choose should be compatible with your phone, your motorcycle, and any specific needs you have for where you ride (such as waterproofing).



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