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Best Motorcycle Gloves 2021 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

Best Motorcycle GlovesA pair of gloves is an essential accessory for a motorcycle rider after helmet.

As the market is replete with scores of options with assorted features, it is difficult to select the right pair for your specific needs.

We understand the significance of this issue and have explored the market, going through expert advice and customer feedback, to select the 10 best motorcycle gloves.

We have also come up with a buying guide to provide you in-depth information about the features you need to look for in these gloves.

Top 10 Motorcycle Gloves Reviews 2021

Gloves NameAvailable SizesMaterialWinter UseHeating 
Alpinestars SP-8 v2
(Editor's Pick)
Gel Gloves
Joe Rocket CrewS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLPolyesterYesNo
BMW Motorrad RallyeS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLLeatherNoNo
Seibertron DirtpawS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLLycraNoNo
ILM Full-FingerS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLLycraNoNo
GSG Leather GlovesS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLLeatherYesNo
ILM Steel KnuckleS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLPolyesterYesNo
Full Finger Goat SkinS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLLeatherYesNo
Joe Rocket BurnerS|M|L|XL|XXL|XXXLNylonYesYes

1. Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Leather Gloves – Quality Touring Gloves

Alpinestars SP-8 v2These formidable gloves are manufactured by Alpinestars, which is a famous name in the technical apparel industry for all types of motorcycles and racers.

The gloves are constructed with full-grain goat leather and reinforced with synthetic leather to make them durable and abrasion-resistant.

The synthetic leather has been placed on strategic locations to offer added protection.

This is why you will find the synthetic leather on the back of the hands and the lower part of the palms.

These gloves offer versatility and sport touring performance at a moderate price, which is the primary reason for the immense popularity of this Italian brand.

While they are made of leather, they are still flexible and do not need to be broken in. Hence, they offer a great fit right off the bat.

These gloves have been padded at all the right spots and offer a great grip.

The innovative microfiber and PU grip insert are positioned strategically on the palm and thumb, thus providing an effective grip over the handlebar.

The fingers and thumb are not static either due to these grip-enhancing measures, and the exclusive ergonomic stretch from the Alpinestars insert between the palm and thumb keeps them moving and flexible.

For extra protection of the palm and fingers, high-quality EVA foam pads have been placed below the knuckles and in all the fingers.

The touchscreen capability is provided at both the index fingers, which provides ease and comfort in dialing, texting and using other functionalities of your phone without taking off your gloves.


  • These gloves are vented and are great for summers and mid-season biking
  • Competitively priced
  • Durable construction
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


  • They are not waterproof
  • The knuckle protector material peels


Overall, these gloves offer plenty of useful features to motorsport enthusiasts, with protection being the utmost priority, at a reasonable price.

2. Premium Men’s Motorcycle Cruiser Gel Gloves – Value for Price

Premium Men’sThese gloves are made from high-quality perforated aniline goat leather that is known for its strength and durability.

Despite being robust and sturdy, this goat leather gives a soft feel and is very flexible.

To enhance its quality, it is double stitched on all critical areas, which makes it a truly long-lasting product.

The wrist part of the gloves is equipped with a protective gel that protects the wrist from vibrations.

Hence, regardless of the speed of the bike or bumps on the pavement, the gel will diminish the impact and you can keep driving comfortably.

You might feel great discomfort if the gloves do not fit well on the palm. If they keep sliding, you will not be able to have a firm grip on the handlebar.

These gloves have taken care of this aspect as well by providing an adjustable hook-and-loop strap on the wrist, which allows you to adjust the fitting of the gloves.

Another area where bikers face discomfort is ventilation. Sealed gloves block the entry of fresh air, which leads to more sweating and makes your hands slippery.

Fortunately, these gloves have perforated leather, which promote ventilation. As a result, they allow bikers to have good control on the bike. Furthermore, they are warm enough for winters and insulated enough for summers.


  • Made for all seasons
  • Soft leather used to provide a plush feel and grip


  • The gloves are not waterproof


These gloves provide great quality. They mold to your hand and offer a soft feel, durability and some much-needed functionalities.

3. Joe Rocket Crew Touch Men’s Motorcycle Riding Gloves – Great Functionality

Joe Rocket CrewIf you are in search of motorcycle gloves that combine comfort and quality, the Joe Rocket Crew Touch is for you.

It is unlike most motorcycle gloves that provide protection but miserably fail to offer any functionality.

The Joe Rocket Crew Touch allows you to have great control.  The fingertips have been reinforced, and a secure hook-and-loop wrist closure has been incorporated to give enhanced grip to the rider.

You may even handle and use your smartphone without losing control.

These gloves also look appealing to the eyes. The material used is high quality and keeps the gloves looking as good as new even after substantial use.

The conductive materials used on the fingertips allow you to use touchscreens while wearing the gloves. They have been designed intelligently to be pre-curved and ride-friendly with a solid grip.

The Aeroprene cuff and articulated joints give great flexibility and movement to the wrist and make you forget you are even wearing gloves.

What’s more is that Honda has declared the Joe Rocket Crew Touch as its official gloves, acknowledging all the high-end features on offer.


  • These gloves are good for both summers and winters
  • They are comfortable and fit perfectly
  • They are quite durable because of the high-quality material used
  • Fantastic touchscreen capability delivers extra comfort


  • They could be improved with more padding
  • The touchscreen portion of the gloves is a bit thin


Functionality and protection are well combined in these gloves, making them not only Honda’s official gloves but also a favorite of most bikers.

4. BMW Genuine Motorcycle Motorrad Rallye Glove – Ventilated Summer Gloves

BMW GenuineThese gloves are manufactured with kangaroo leather, which is lightweight yet strong.

It is abrasion-resistant, so the gloves can last for a long time. Especially designed for off-roading, the gloves offer unmatched safety and durability that help it excel among all competing products.

Furthermore, they allow you to react quickly, which can be difference between a fun ride and an accident when you are biking on rough terrains.

The most notable feature of this pair of gloves is its ventilation, which greatly reduces sweating and leaves you feeling fresh.

Hence, you will not have to fear losing control no matter how long your journey is. This breathability makes the gloves highly recommended for the summer season.

This pair of gloves allow you to make maximum use of your hands. This is thanks to the stretchable fabric used, especially on the back of the hand. Hence, you will have utmost control of your bike.

The foam padding and protectors on the back of the hand protect your hands from damage in case you fall from your bike. This protection is further enhanced by the use of quality stretchable materials.

Additionally, all the areas that are at risk in a fall have been protected through Super Fabric.

There are three colors to choose from: grey, red and black. You can place an order according to the size guide provided and obtain a well-fitting product. The customers have nothing but praise for the fitting and protection provided by these gloves.


  • Good protection, especially at risk-prone areas
  • The gloves are very breathable
  • Ventilated, even at high temperatures


  • Wrist opening is tiny and the straps are not long enough


These super-ventilated summer gloves are a quality product with many high-end protective features that will keep you safe on rough terrains, making them perfect for off-roading.

5. Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex Bike Gloves – Maximum Protection

Seibertron Dirtpaw UnisexThese unisex bike gloves are cozy and comfortable. The manufacturers have made every effort possible to make this pair a safety-oriented glove.

They have introduced innovative technologies in the construction of these gloves to make them capable of mitigating injuries.

The direct inject rubber graphics on the gloves, found mostly on the back of the palm and the knuckles, provide incredible protection from impact.

The base material used in their construction is Lycra, which is lightly padded throughout.

It has many advantages and gives the shape, fit and freedom of movement to the gloves. The finger coverings are equipped with silicone grippers, which reduce sliding and skidding and improve grip on the handlebar.

Hence, the gloves are skillfully designed to provide maximum protection at an affordable price. They are great companions of motorsport enthusiasts on the most difficult terrains.

Regardless of the sport, these gloves will provide an amazing grip, which is incredibly important in such sports and can ensure your win.

The gloves also allow a fair amount of airflow and, thus, are quite breathable. Your hands will not become sweaty, so your grip on the handlebar will be consistently firm. The Velcro strap around the wrist will also help keep the gloves on your hands throughout your ride.


  • These gloves are lightweight and comfortable
  • They are great for biking in hot weather
  • They fit great
  • They are reasonably priced
  • Great for sports


  • Only some parts work with a touchscreen, that too with difficulties
  • The Velcro fastener does not connect above the wrist but below it


This product has been made with a special focus on user safety and sports. It gives a great grip, even in very hot weather, thanks to its ventilated design, which stops sweating.

6. ILM Full-Finger Gloves – Excellent Safety Features

ILM Full-FingerThese gloves are extremely comfortable and easy to wear and provide protection to your palms, knuckles and finger joints.

They are sewn with a reflective fabric that not only is fashionable but also provides a safe ride at night.

They also come with a TPU molded hard knuckle shell, which offers impact resistance.

Their PVC plant gum protectors are eco-friendly and prove to be a great anti-friction agent.

Along with the SBR pads, these protectors can cushion your knuckles, finger joints and palms in case of accidents.

The great thing about these gloves is that they offer all these high-end safety features at a very low price.

Furthermore, Lycra and microfiber are used in the construction of these gloves, which makes them easy to wear, elastic and breathable.

The thumbs and index fingers have been coated with a fabric that can work on touchscreens, allowing you to easily use smartphones without taking off the gloves.

The gloves are also incredibly versatile as they offer different features that make them perfect for dirt bike, motorcycle and ATV riding, cycling, batting, shooting and many other outdoor powersports.


  • These gloves offer many features for safety and protection
  • They are great for multiple types of motorcycles and powersports
  • They are lightweight and durable


  • Some customers complain that the touchscreen function does not work properly
  • The XL size may fit a woman but doesn’t fit a ma


Overall, these gloves are great with multiple safety and protective features. They can be easily used with different powersports and are perfect for different types of bikes. In a nutshell, they offer great value for the price.

7. GSG Leather Gloves for Men – Visually Appealing

GSG LeatherThe distinctive style of these gloves is the result of exquisite handmade craftsmanship and the effort of GSG designers.

Their 3-line stitch concept has given it a beautiful and timeless look.

These gloves are made from sheepskin leather, which ensures durability and comfort.

Sheepskin contains lanolin, which offers that luxuriously soft feel that wool is famous for. It is the main reason why these gloves are so gentle on the skin.

The gloves also come with two linings. First one is made of 50% wool and 50% polyester, while the second lining is composed of cozy faux fur.

These two linings collectively make these gloves perfectly suitable for the winters as they give extra warmth and protection from the cold.

These linings also make the gloves weatherproof, enhancing their durability.

The touchscreen capability of these gloves is simply outstanding. This product excels in this feature because it offers touchscreen fabric on the entire palms as well as the fingertips for comfortable typing, browsing and dialing.

The gloves also provide protection from rheumatism and arthritis due to their weatherproofing abilities. However, the most important quality of these gloves is that despite being thick and warm, they are not bulky.


  • Soft to the touch and comfortable to wear
  • Visually appealing due to the professional design
  • Touchscreen functionality on the palms and fingertips
  • Durable


  • Some of the customers have complained that the touchscreen functionality works only with the left hand
  • Pricey


They are undoubtedly one of the best motorcycle gloves available in the market. The trendy look, great touchscreen capability, comfort and extra warmth in the cold are some of the many features which make them a must-have.

8. ILM Steel Knuckle Tactical Gloves – Ergonomic Design

ILM Steel KnuckleThese professional racing and tactical gloves have been engineered while keeping the human body in mind.

As a result, the manufacturers have ensured that these gloves provide 100% protection to the knuckles, finger joints and palms in case of any accident.

The glove design is trendy and fashionable while being super comfortable.

The pair has been crafted with injection molding of steel alloy under the supervision of professional engineers, which ensures your safety and keeps the gloves comfortable.

While designing the back of the hands, a large area of U type protection is used, which is similar to the natural arch shape of the hand, allowing the gloves to prevent cramps and be ergonomic.

The palm portion of the gloves has been designed using 3D non-slip lines made of plastic.

This design was used to provide anti-slip functionality to the palm. A wide range of grasping conditions have been tested with these gloves, and the anti-slip design of the palm allows them to succeed in every situation.

The alloy steel construction has made the gloves extremely useful for many different bikes like dirt bike, ATV, motocross, BMX, MX and motorcycles.

Besides these vehicles, the gloves serve over a wide spectrum of outdoor sports like downhill or mountain biking, camping, and hunting.


  • The gloves are perfect for multiple types of bikes
  • Designed according to the human body and comfortable to wear
  • Anti-slip functionality provided to the palm
  • Offer maximum protection to the hands


  • The gloves could be more effective by making them waterproof


This is a great product because it has been ergonomically designed and is among the most comfortable motorcycle gloves in the market while providing immense protection.

9. Full Finger Goat Skin Leather Touchscreen Motorcycle Gloves – Anti-Skid Design for Improved Control

Full Finger Goat SkinThese gloves have been crafted with genuine and high-quality goat skin leather, which makes them sturdy and long-lasting.

The leather is very lightweight and soft, so bikers are very comfortable while driving.

Furthermore, they are designed to be anti-skid, enabling you to control and handle your bike perfectly, irrespective of the speed or sharpness of turns.

The manufacturers have kept your comfort in mind while designing the gloves, which is why they have incorporated various safety measures.

Since your fingers are prone to get hurt in accidents or when hit by a surface forcefully, the gloves are equipped with hard plastic knuckle and foam padding on the fingers.

This gives additional protection so that you will be kept safe on all your adventures.

The gloves have also been equipped with a buckle button which can lock the right and left gloves together, eliminating your chances of losing them.

The gloves also acknowledge the needs of the modern-day biker who would want to use their phone without taking off their gloves all the time.

This is why high-quality touchscreen capabilities have been incorporated into the index finger, which will help you use all functions of your phone without removing your gloves.

The touchscreen pads on each index finger provide effortless comfort in communicating with others while on the go.


  • The goat skin leather has made the gloves durable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Great touchscreen capabilities for mobile phone users


  • Some customers complain that the gloves can be a bit tight for the size


These gloves offer a soft feel and superb functionality. The best part about them is the anti-skid design, which is perfect for all you adventurous and daring bikers.

10. Joe Rocket Men’s Rocket Burner Gloves – Impressive Heating Capability

Joe RocketThe Rocket Burner gloves do not allow weather to stop you from enjoying your journey.

Being equipped with a stainless core heating system, the gloves will keep your palm comfortably warm.

This quality heating mechanism evenly distributes warmth across the fingers and thumb, making it great for winters. Hence, you can keep biking confidently without losing your grip on the handlebar.

The three-stage heating system promises to keep your hands warm for up to 4 hours.

The heavy-duty nylon construction on the outer side makes the gloves’ heating capability even more efficient. The gloves are made more effective with their waterproof and windproof qualities.

Along with being warm, the gloves are flexible as well. The articulated full-flex panels cover the knuckle area and allow your fingers to move smoothly.

The gloves work on two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and come with a charger, which might seem like a drawback to those who aren’t fond of staying close to power outlets.

On the bright side, the charger cord has two plugs, so you can quickly charge both batteries at the same time and be on your way.

With these gloves on, you can still use your smartphone because of the conductive materials on the fingertips that offer instant access to the touchscreen.


  • Buttons allows you to adjust the heat levels
  • The Velcro strap makes the gloves easy to fasten and take off
  • Two batteries can be charged simultaneously


  • The lined material on the palm peels off
  • The battery compartment is located under the wrist, which can be uncomfortable


These gloves are definitely among the best ones for winters. They fit perfectly and being wind- and water-proof, they provide quality protection to the palm and fingers from the cold.

Buying Guide – Things You Must Know

Motorcycle gloves primarily serve two purposes:

  • Protecting the palms/fingers from injuries in the case of accidents
  • Protecting the hands from the environment

These two attributes need to be present in every glove you buy. Before buy any motorcycle gloves, you need to know the features which a quality pair of gloves must have. This will allow you to select the pair that best suits you.

Type of Gloves

You need to know exactly which types of motorcycle gloves are available in the market. This will help you figure out which type will meet your specific needs so that you can buy a suitable pair. These are the basic types that you will find:

Street Gloves

These gloves are meant for biking on urban streets and require more protective features. They are made from either full leather or a combination of leather, synthetic and stretch fabric. During the last few years, there have been varieties constructed with thick textile or fake leather. The main focus of manufacturers while constructing gloves for street biking is providing protection from falling on asphalt.

There are various varieties in street gloves when it comes to water and weather resistance. From a simple perforated style to highly innovative designs, quite a lot of variations have been introduced. Hence, you can easily get a pair that is just perfect for you.

Summer Cruising Gloves

Many people want to go on long road trips in summers on their bikes. If you are one of them, you will need a summer cruising glove set with ventilation to avoid that disgusting sweating which reduces your grip. This is why summer cruising gloves are usually made of a lightweight material. However, remember that on all risk-prone locations, enough padding must be placed to ensure your safety.

Winter Gloves

If you want to buy winter gloves, your top priority should be insulation, especially if you live in a particularly cold region. Such gloves are manufactured with a multi-layered fabric design as well as weather reenforcements. Many such products are even equipped with a thermal heating mechanism that runs on battery. In these cases, you need to check the lifespan of the battery to ensure it will carry out its function throughout your trip. Generally, such gloves come with 2 batteries and a charger.

Furthermore, winter gloves are supposed to offer breathability, dexterity, warmth and dryness. They should also be waterproof because if water infiltrates the gloves, your hands might freeze if the temperature is subzero.

Off-Roading Gloves

These gloves are for bikers who spend most of their time in the dirt and mud. This is why such gloves offer more breathability and dexterity than protection. Ideal for trail bike riders, these gloves are mainly manufactured from textile. They are also quite lightweight and breathable. One of the most important features of these gloves is their fine grip, which is quite important since bikers face a lot of jumps and jerks on muddy and dirt-filled roads.

Racing Gloves

It can be easy to crash on a racing track at very high speeds. This is the sole reason why glove manufacturers around the world are investing so heavily in their R&D with a high focus on grip. Racing gloves are usually made from high-quality protective material like carbon with Kevlar.

They are more than a safety device as well. As mentioned before, they need to provide a lot more grip than other types of gloves. At a speed of more than 100 mph, you will definitely lose control and crash if your grip weakens. This also means the gloves need a lot of ventilation to reduce sweat and, as a result, improve grip.

Women’s Gloves

How can we forget this segment of our society? Nowadays, more and more women are taking an interest in biking. Since their physical structure is different from men and their palms and fingers tend to be shorter than men, they need gloves that are specially designed for them.

Most women prefer leather gloves as they give the comfort and control that most women want. However, your choice might differ depending on your requirements and preferences. Regardless of the material, one thing that should always be ensured is that the stitching must be high quality. There must also be additional padding around the fingers and palms.

Size/Fit of Motorcycle Gloves

The size of the gloves is one of the most important features to consider. This is because wearing the wrong size can not only make you uncomfortable while riding but also result in an inadequate grip, which can disbalance your vehicle and lead you to a crash.

If the gloves are too small, they will restrict blood circulation and the mobility of your hands. On the other hand, if the gloves are too big, they will not offer an adequate grip.

Hence, before you can even think about looking at your choices, you should first measure your hands to find your size. While measuring, your hands need to be placed on a wall or any other flat surface and the tape should be wrapped around the knuckles, leaving the thumb. Once you have your measurement, you will be able to find the perfect fit.

Remember that the sizing can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are no standard sizes for gloves. The measurement can be in inches or centimeters, or you might even be faced with just names of the sizes like small, medium, large, XL and XXL.

Hence, it is advised that you refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to figure out which fit is appropriate for your hands. Also, be sure to try on the gloves before buying them and keep in mind that the gloves need to fit snugly for wearing all day.

The Velcro closures are a great help because they help you adjust the fit of the gloves. However, you need to make sure that the Velcro straps should wrap on the wrist. If they are positioned far below the wrists, that means they are too long and are not a great fit for you.

You also need to know that there is a difference between American and European fit. Generally, American fit is bigger, whereas European gloves are leaner and smaller in size. Again, the manufacturer’s sizing chart would usually show you the exact measurements for each fit.

You should also understand the fit of gloves made of different materials. For instance, the initial fit of textile gloves does not change because they do not need to be broken in, whereas leather gloves stretch as they are broken in.


This feature is also very important because it determines how long the gloves will last. Inexpensive material may look nice but is bound to wear out soon. If your gloves will see a lot of action, it is important to get high-quality ones.

The material used in gloves range from polyester and fabric to high-end leather. Polyester with nylon can be an affordable and suitable material if you do not use your gloves for riding long distances. On the other hand, acrylic is more breathable and warmer but will not do well in windy days.

Textile material can prove to be quite abrasion- and weather-resistant and cheaper than its leather counterparts. However, if the fabric has low quality, it will not be durable.

Leather gloves can easily mold to your hands and are liked by cruise riders or sports bike riders. Leather is usually made from the skin of various animals like goats, cows and kangaroos. Cowhide is the most famous for making leather as it gives a lot of strength and is more durable than the other materials.

Comparatively, sheepskin is suppler and breaks more easily. Since sheepskin is not as abrasion-resistant as cowhide, it is used only on the palms and not on the back of the hands. The price may change markedly for different types and grades of leather; generally, high-quality leather gloves are incredibly expensive.

Carbon fiber is also used in the construction of motorcycle gloves. It is mostly used to make winter motorcycle gloves, especially around the knuckle area and top of the palms as this material has a rigid protective body.


While high-end gloves are usually pricey options, this does not necessarily mean that you should break the bank. There are many inexpensive gloves available in the market that offer great value at a low price. Hence, even if you are on a budget, you will be able to find many quality gloves in your range.

Of course, premium features always come with high price tags. If manufacturers equip their gloves with more armor, greater insulation, and touchscreen capability, they will obviously cost you a pretty penny. Thus, there will be a tradeoff between price and features.

If there are many gloves available in your price range, you should first identify your needs so that you can make the right decision.


One of the main reasons for buying motorcycle gloves is the protection they provide from extreme weather conditions as well as injuries in case of accidents. The newer models are equipped with many features that take care of these aspects.

For wind protection, gloves are equipped with features like Windstopper, Aquatex and Windtex.

If your hands are prone to excessive sweating, you should buy gloves made with material that enhance breathability. For this purpose, gloves made with perforated leather, neoprene or Gore-Tex are suitable.

Hand fatigue is also a common problem faced by bikers. This is where gel pads along with extra foam padding on the palms come in. They provide great relief and don’t let your hands tire out.

You need to ensure that the pair you get has sufficient safety features. These features include palm sliders, knuckle protectors, additional foam paddings and other innovative technologies for extra protection.

There are specific protective features for different situations. A brief description will show which features are sought by which type of rider:

  • Cruising riders: They need seasonal features like insulation and ventilation, depending on which season they are biking in. They also require grip-enhancing texture to improve control and reflective materials for night vision.
  • Adventurous/sport riders: They need armor built into the fingers and knuckles, thicker padding in the heels of the hands, and the pinky and index fingers sewn together.
  • Touring riders: Their gloves need to be more waterproof. The best waterproofing is done by Gore-Tex, but other materials like Hipora can also work if you are on a budget. Thermoplastic and hard knuckle protectors should also be sought for protection.


If aesthetics is important to you, you need to match the gloves to your style and your bike. The gloves should add to your look. Companies are investing in this aspect as well. Some manufacturers even deploy a team of professional designers to come up with a visually appealing design with quality stitching.


We have made quite an extensive effort to gather useful information about motorcycle gloves and the best products available. This will be extremely useful for all avid bikers who are on the hunt for a functional pair of motorcycle gloves that combines comfort, quality and performance.

All the above products are replete with high-end features and have something unique to offer as well. Thus, you will be able to easily find one that is perfect for your needs and preferences. Keeping all important features and parameters in view, the Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Leather Gloves are the best option in our opinion due to the great safety and protective measures it offers at a reasonable price with many added functionalities.

Even if you don’t like any of the gloves we have reviewed here, you are now equipped with the knowledge needed to pick the most suitable one for yourself. You know all the necessary factors you need to consider before buying a pair of motorcycle gloves so that you can make a smart decision.



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