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Best Gaming Mouse 2021 – Review and Buyer’s Guide

After testing out 31 mice for a long time, we picked out these 10 mice that lived up to our expectations.

Best gaming mouse 2019

The market becoming more and more saturated with different gaming mouse brands and models, it is anything but easy to pick the right gaming mouse that will cater to all your needs.

Cheap mice certainly aren’t the best for game-play and won’t give you the quality performance you might be looking for.

Although gaming mice might be a little on the costly side, they are still worth the investment and if you select the right, durable mouse then you will certainly rock the floor of gaming world.

10 Best Gaming Mouse Reviews 2021:

These mice have all the features that you would expect the best gaming mouse to have, it was also made sure that they top the list in terms of performance as well.

Logitech G Pro Wireless
(Editor's Choice)
Finalmouse UL PhantomL62gExcellentFPS | MOBA
SteelSeries Rival 600L98g(+32)ExcellentFPS | MOBA
Logitech G403L90gExcellentFPS | MOBA
Zowie FK Series 2S 84gVery GoodFPS
Zowie EC-B Series 1
M93gExcellentFPS | MOBA
SteelSeries Rival 310M|L92gExcellentFPS | MOBA
Razer DeathAdderL226gVery GoodFPS
Logitech G502L164gVery GoodFPS | MOBA
Zowie ZA SeriesS | M | L84g | 86g | 90gVery GoodFPS

1. Logitech G Pro Wireless – Best Gaming Mouse 2021 (Editor’s Choice)

Logitech G Pro WirelessThe first mouse to make our list is the Logitech G Pro Wireless.

When it comes to popular wireless gaming mice brands, Logitech definitely deserves its name among the list.

In the past we have seen some pretty great gaming mice made by Logitech..

..so it’s no surprise that people have high expectations regarding Logitech G Pro wireless.

If you liked Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum, but thought the mouse was a little overloaded with all the buttons and a little complex to handle, then you would like Logitech Pro Wireless as it is very lightweight, simple to use and has a simple design.

This smooth, small sized mouse works has a top-notch sensor and works with faultless wireless execution. However, since the mouse is amazingly light it is most likely going to be divisive.

This feature makes the G Pro Wireless alluring for tournament players but it’s a less preferred option offer for the individuals who simply need a strong remote mouse. However, G Pro is still a very suitable option for players who are searching for a mouse with good wireless performance.

Upon its release it was expected that G Pro Wireless would have a similar design to that of G pro mouse. However, a mouse of the same design as G Pro already exists and it is known as Logitech G305. G Pro Wireless however has a totally unique design that is not similar to any of the previous Logitech mice.

It measures 4.92 x 2.50 x 1.57, hence it is small in size. Despite its small size it can easily be held in palm of hand. The design of the mouse makes it super easy to use with a scroll wheel in the middle, a right button, left button and two thumb buttons on both sides.

The DPI button is situated at the bottom of the mouse. Since DPI buttons are usually placed above the right button, changing the location of this button can make gamers either hate or love this placement depending on their preference.

What makes G Pro Wireless different from rest of the Logitech mouse’s is its weight. Weighing only 2.82 ounces, it can easily be said that the mouse is incredibly lightweight.

Since it is so lightweight, the slightest amount of pressure needs to be applied to move the mouse around. For competitive play deciding whether the G Pro Wireless is better or worse over some other gaming mouse depends on the personal preference of the gamer. As a Logitech mouse, it performs unfathomably well.

Though the Logitech G pro wireless is a very good mouse, it still has a few negative aspects that you should be aware of. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this model.


  • It has a sleek, simple to use design.
  • Buttons of the mouse are responsive.
  • Offers wide range of adjustable sensitivities
  • Very lightweight; One the lightest mice made by Logitech


  • For PC games price will almost certainly be too high

2. Finalmouse UL Phantom – The Weight & Size are Perfect for Large Hands (Best for The Bucks)

Finalmouse UL PhantomFinalmouse has a straightforward pitch for the Ultralight.

The main goal of Finalmouse while making this mouse was to make a mouse that is fairly lighter as compared to the rest of the mice available in its competition.

The light weight plans to make it effortless to move the mouse with precise movements without tiring your hand and arm.

While not everyone prefers to buy a mouse that is specifically super lightweight.

However for individuals whose occupations rely upon their capacity to precisely click on monitor screen all the time, weight is critical. Accordingly, the Ultralight utilizes a honeycomb design that offers indistinguishable toughness from traditional mice yet weighs a little less.

The phantom cord offered by Finalmouse UL Phantom is claimed to be the lowest resistance cord ever to be made. According to the product page of Finalmouse, the difference between this mouse and wireless mouse couldn’t be felt by the testers.

The aim of this mouse is to offer mouse with a cord that can be seen but not be felt. Since the mouse is so lightweight dodging hits while gaming should not be a problem since the mouse can easily be moved and handled.

With an PMW3360 optical sensor promising 1:1 tracking, the mouse weights 67g. The mouse features a scroll wheel, two buttons on the left side and a DPI switch that is present under the scroll wheel.

One thing that we absolutely love about the mouse is its design. The mouse has a paint drop splattered design, it is a design that is very unique and attractive.

The weight and the size of the mouse are perfect for both people with large hands and people with medium sized hands. Overall, the design, body and the performance of the mouse make it a good catch and if you are looking for a very lightweight mouse then you should definitely consider trying this one out.

By no means it’s a perfect mouse so, Let’s see what the users loved and hated about this mouse.


  • It comes in super lightweight
  • It comes with an attractive design
  • It has a very light weight cord


  • The mouse is not suitable for gamers that need a strong remote mouse.

3. SteelSeries Rival 600 – Best Mouse Sensor

SteelSeries Rival 600The next addition to our list is the Steel Series Rival 600.

This model has an attractive, beautiful design and gives unparalleled execution and offers the absolute slickest customization options available.

However, the mouse is not fairly as easy to use as it could’ve been and managing the weights is also difficult.

Even though Steel Series Rival 600 isn’t the best option among the all-purpose gaming mice, it is still a better option than many other mice.

The most attractive feature of Steel Series Rival is its stylish design. It features an illuminated an enlightened SteelSeries logo on the palm rest and has two RGB LED strips winding down towards the center of the mouse.

Furthermore, it has a contoured scroll wheel, two left and right buttons that are very responsive to clicks. Overall the mouse has an angular design that easily molds into the hand. Since it comes with a detachable cable you can keep the cable safe from wearing off if you are traveling with it.

Just below the scroll wheel a DPI sensitivity adjuster is located along with three thumb buttons. The placement of the buttons is different than what most of the mice available in the market offer hence it might take some time for gamers to adjust to this.

Although the unique placement of this button should not be a problem for gamers, the central ‘’sniper’’ sniper buttons on mice can be more intuitive.

The adjustable weight and 3+ sensor. featured by the rival 600 is undoubtedly the most innovative feature that this model offers. Since the mouse has magnetized sides, you can detach each side of the mouse by essentially flipping the mouse over and pulling delicately.

This helps keep the side panels immovably set up during gaming sessions and the creases on the topside are almost imperceptible. Adjustable weights with gaming mice isn’t anything new.

However, for this mouse the weights are situated along either side of the central body of the mouse. Plastic plates that magnetically attach on both sides conceal the sockets.

The side plates don’t slip around on the mouse and are super-secure. Other than the 3+ sensor the mouse is easy to use.

Since Steel Series Rival 600 is expensive, simpler and cheaper alternative can easily be found in the market if you are a casual gamer or you’re looking for an easy to use gaming mouse for your kids. On the other hand, if you are a gamer who takes gaming hobby seriously then the Rival 600 should serve as a good option.

To help you make up your mind about this mouse, we will narrow down the pros and cons.

SteelSeries Rival 600 gaming mouse elements


  • The mouse comes with a very attractive design
  • The sensor of the mouse is very accurate
  • The mouse comes with adjustable weights
  • It is very comfortable to use


  • Changing the weights can be a little hectic
  • As compared to its competitors. The mouse is a little more expensive
  • The mouse is not suitable for left handed people

4. Logitech G403 – Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G403By making G403, Logitech succeeded in making a suitable mouse for novice PC gamers.

Like every other modern Logitech gaming device, the Logitech G403 runs on Logitech gaming software.

The mouse measures 4.9 x 2.7 x 1.7 inches and is robust and easy to use.

Users can adjust the DPI of the mouse (between the range of 200 and 12000) with the software.

They can also change the color of the illumination, link individual profiles to games, and monitor the battery life on the wireless version of G403.

One of the noteworthy features of Logitech 403 is the color, as it is a complete RGB mouse and can even match up with other Logitech items for a coherent color design.Another important feature that deserves to be mentioned is the battery life of sensor. On a single charge, the battery can last up to more than 20 hours.

Since the sensor is black and small in size, you can easily lose it. Hence, it is important that you handle and keep it with care.

The performance of the mouse for gameplay is good. The buttons are easy to use, and the mouse easily fits into the palm of the hand. The design of Logitech is lightweight, and it additionally includes 10g weights that you can use to have a proper grip and complete control on the mouse.

It has two left and right buttons, a scroll button, middle button and two side buttons. The buttons are easily clickable and don’t require extra force to be applied to work properly. Since the mouse is wireless you can freely move the mouse around without worrying of the cable drag.

As compared to its competitive alternatives present in the market, this mouse comes at a fairly reasonable price. With no lag and a very decent performance, it can easily be said that Logitech G403 is one of the best additions to the Logitech mice.

Though the mouse has a very good performance, there are still a few shortcomings that the purchasers should be aware of. Below mentioned are the pros and the cons of this model.


  • The mouse offers comfortable grip
  • It has an Intuitive software
  • It has an unmatched wireless performance


  • Logitech’s lighting effects need work,
  • Sensor is small and black and can easily be lost

5. Zowie FK Series 2 – One of The best Mouse Shapes Available ( Good Deal)

Zowie FK Series 2Another great gaming mouse that is loved by gamers from all over the world is The Zowie FK series 2. This classic gamer mouse is comfortable to use and allows excellent grip on the mouse body.

However, with some great qualities, the mouse also has some negative points. Though the sensor in the mouse is not the best you can get, it is still above average. As compared to many other mice, the height of Zowie FK series 2 is a little short.

The curves on each size of the mouse help you have a firm grip on the mouse. While handling the mouse you won’t hear any rattles and shakes.

The coating of the mouse is just okay. In hot weather or while using sweaty hands the surface of the mouse can become slippery. Hence, this can be a problem for gamers at times.

Furthermore, the thumb buttons on the mouse can be a little stiff. This can actually increase your reaction time. In order to shoot a target as soon as it comes in sight, you will have to keep your hand in a tense state, so you don’t miss it since you have to you have to apply extra pressure on the buttons. This can cause hand fatigue and can have an overall negative effect on your performance.

A third-party software is not required to alter the settings of DPI. You can change between some DPI presets through the switch located at the bottom of the mouse. A different DPI setting is indicated through a change in the color of the light at the bottom of the mouse.

With a simple, black design featuring a Zowie logo on top, the overall design of the mouse is pretty decent and attractive. It does not have an over the top gamer-oriented design and there are no RGB lightning flashing in to your eyes.

Below mentioned are the pros and cons that will help you decide if this mouse is worth having or not.


  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • No software required, plug and play
  • One of the best mouse shapes available


  • The buttons on the mouse are stiff and require extra effort to be pressed.
  • Scroll wheel is difficult to use

6. Zowie EC-B Series 1 – Best Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Zowie EC-B Series 1Zowie mice are well known for their minimal designs. Even though these mice are simple, special attention is paid to the details of zowie mice and that’s what makes them so good. Zowie EC-B series 1 has an ergonomic right-handed design.

The mouse itself is pretty simple and comfortable to use. The modest hump in the middle is of the right height, hence you won’t have to worry about hand and forearm fatigue even if you spend prolonged hours in front of the computer.

The model is 69mm wide at the bottom, 128mm long and weighs 94g, hence the mouse can easily fit large hands as well.

The mouse features an updated 3360 sensor and the body of the mouse is matte and black in color just like series A.

It doesn’t have RGB lighting or the complex and over the top look you get with most of other gaming mice out there, which can be regarded as a plus point by most of the users.

The mouse has a good finish; however, it can get stained and oily if dirty fingers are used to handle the mouse.

The side buttons are easy to reach and they have a crisper click as compared to older models. The scroll wheel is black in color and does not illuminate. A button for polling rate can be found at the bottom of the mouse. Allowing you to select between 125,500 and 1000Hz.

Moreover, there is also a switch that allows you to change the DPI. A led is present next to the DPI switch that shows which DPI you have selected red = 400, pink = 800, blue = 1600, and green = 3200. No driver is needed for this mouse, you can simply plug it in and play.

Some users have complained that the it is a little difficult to make precise clicks by the mouse because the coating of the mouse feels rather cheap. According to some testers, the coating of the mouse feels like plain plastic and does not help provide a smooth grip. Using oily hands while using the mouse makes it very slippery and it builds up grime quite quickly as well. Overall, the coating of the mouse feels quite cheap and worse than any coating that zowie has offered on their mice.

The mouse is as simple and as easy to use as it can be. However, it’s better that you give a look at its shortcomings as well. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of this model.

Zowie EC-B Series 1 measurement


  • Plug in and play, no driver needed
  • It has a simple design and is comfortable in hands
  • The update 3360 sensor works very well


  • The surface of mouse can easily get stained if dirty fingers are used
  • The side buttons of the mouse are a little mushy
  • The coating on the mouse feels cheap
  • The grip of the mouse is just OK.

7. SteelSeries Rival 310 – Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 310The next mouse that deserves a mention in our list is the SteelSeries Rival 700. If you are searching for a solid constructed, lightweight mouse then you should consider this model. Though the plastic feels a little light, it is still a small, tough mouse.

The side grips are made on silicon and are quite sturdy as they can’t be pried open with fingernails. The body of the mouse is made of matte black plastic.

The frame of the mouse consists of smooth curves, there are a couple of spots that have sudden edge changes that include a touch of shape into the structure but even those edges are round in shape so you your hand does not feel uncomfortable while holding the mouse.

The plastic surface of the mouse is promised to be fingerprint resistant by the Steel Series Rival and it does do a good job at resisting any finger grease print and palm sweat.

Measuring 5.03 x 2.76 x 1.65 inches it can be said that the mouse might be a little small for you if your hands are large in size, however if you are looking for a mouse that will offer a large handed claw grip, then this mouse should do the work for you. If your hand size is normal, then you will find this mouse very comfortable for the hands and easy to use.

The silicone sidings are excellent aid for a good grip over the mouse, they don’t feel sticky as some other silicone sides on mice can feel. Weighing 3.52 ounces the mouse is very light weight.

The main effectively delicate aspect is the space between the left and right button, which leaves a lot space for something to stick its way in and pop the buttons off.

However, this should not be a problem as the buttons can be easily re attached. The buttons on the mouse are very reliable and wherever we tap on the front buttons the actuation feels consistent.

The only minor problems that we noticed in this model is that the CPI switch can only flip between two settings, and there’s no pointer of which is chosen. Obviously, anybody hoping to take advantage of coordinated tracking will likely stay with one CPI setting for nearly everything, hence it is better that the CPI is reassigned to do something different.

Now, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of SteelSeries rival 310.


  • Design is very simple and comfortable
  • It comes at a good price as compared to its competitors
  • Tracking Movement has very smooth feel
  • Fiber-reinforced Plastics


  • It only has 2 DPI settings
  • A little small for palm grip
  • It does not come with adjustable weights

8. Razer DeathAdder – Best for Optimal Grip

Razer DeathAdder

The Razer DeathAdder Essential is arguably the best-selling gaming mouse in the country right now, and with good reason. For one thing, it is reasonably priced, given its specs. We would expect nothing less from Razer. Every aspect of the DeathAdder is well-thought-out and functional.

Its sleek design and ergonomic form are built for optimal comfort. The rubber side grips fit naturally into the palm of your hands, which is what you want when embarking on those long gaming sessions. We particularly liked the tiny, tactile bumps on its surface. These enhance the grip to give you more control when scrolling in intense, high-stakes games. It maintains optimum performance throughout, so there’s no risk of faltering in the heat of battle.

One of the things that stood out to us was the powerful 6,400 DPI optical sensor it comes with. While we’ve come across other mice with similar specs, we must say we were surprised by how outstanding the DeathAdder’s performance was. It almost felt like we were using a mouse with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor.

It also comes with five hyper-response buttons you can program independently to give the competitive edge you crave in your gaming sessions. Whether you want to assign complex macro functions to it using Razer Synapse or simply want to remap the button altogether, this mouse lets you do just that. The DeathAdder allows you to swipe your mouse lightning-fast and with unmatched precision for a greater level of control.

All in all, although we didn’t go in expecting much from this unit, we must say we were pretty impressed by how well it performed. It’s one of the best mice we’ve encountered in its class.


  • Delivers great value for the money
  • It is backed by a two-year warranty
  • Sleek, ergonomic design, with rubber side grips for optimal control
  • Affordable price point
  • Offers consistent performance throughout


  • It is a little heavier compared to others in its class
  • The mouse wheel does get a little squeaky after a while

9. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum – All Purpose Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus SpectrumIf you are looking for a mouse that has tons of different buttons that do different jobs, then the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum might be the right choice for you.

Equipped with more features than home appliances, this mouse is top of the line wired gaming mouse.

The mouse features 11 programmable buttons, an accurate sensor and you can change its weight as well. Though the mouse is a little on the costly size, the list of features it offers and its performance somewhat justifies the price.

When lay your eyes on the mouse for first time you might guess that the mouse won’t be comfortable in hand. If you’re using it for the first time it might feel a little course, however you will get used to it with time.

One thing we really liked about the mouse is that it is contoured for your thumb. The curves of the mouse help you hold it with a firm grip, hence you won’t have to exert extra pressure to control the mouse. Rest of the mouse is simple smooth plastic.

The eleven programmable buttons are very easy to use. Though these may make the mouse seem a little too complicated for use, but you can easily ignore these buttons if you won’t be using them. The DPI button is located right in front of where your thumb rests.

Two forward and back buttons can be found right above the thumb rest. The most forward thumb button can be difficult to reach and reaching the back button might require a little effort as well.

The rest of the buttons are easily reachable as. The scroll wheel is one of our most favorite buttons on this mouse as it is very responsive and offers the best ratchet scrolling.

This is very useful for the ones who use their mouse for work when they are not gaming. Weighing 125 grams, it can be said that the mouse is fairly heavier than most of the mice available in market.

At the bottom of the mouse an access is located that allows you to alter the weight of the mouse by adding 3.6g weights that should be placed inside the mouse. You can add up to 5 weights to reach the balance you’d like your mouse to have.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum also features RGB lightning. The Large G logo on the palm rest and the DPI are illuminated and you can adjust the lights between 16.8 million colors and brightness colors to match your surroundings and environment.

If your Logitech keyboard is RGB as well, you can sync the mouse to get the similar lightning on the keyboard. Though you can choose between a wide range of color, this feature can doesn’t add much to the experience since the illuminated logo will be covered by our hand while we are using the mouse.

Considering the number of functions this model offers it is better that you consider purchasing this mouse if you are certain that you will be needing all the buttons. If not, there are other better options available in the market as well. Overall, the mouse is very efficient, durable and has an excellent performance.

The model offers some pretty impressive feature. Let’s take a look at the few short comings as well. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of this model.


  • Ultra-fine weight adjustment
  • Intuitive and comfortable design
  • Streamlined software with lots of options
  • Improved scroll wheel
  • Big buttons in a smart layout


  • May not suit palm-grip players with big hands

10. Zowie ZA Series – Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse

Zowie ZA SeriesIf you want a mouse that is very basic and easy to use with a very simple design, then The BenQ Zowie ZA13 E-Sports Ambidextrous Optical Gaming Mouse might do the job for you.

The mouse features the Avago 3310 sensor, and the DPI can be switched between 400,800,1600 and 3200.

It has an anti-sweat surface hence you won’t have to worry about cleaning your mouse every now and then. As compared to the sides of the mouse the top surface of the mouse feels a little rough; however, this is barely noticeable and won’t cause any problem.

The rear and the middle of the mouse are raised which makes the profile of the mouse to appear rounded.

Overall the shape and the build of the mouse feels very comfortable in the hand. You don’t hear any rattling and shakes when you move or pick up the mouse.

According to the Zowie ZA series, the mouse has been designed for intense gameplay and its body makes it suitable for a having a firm grip so you can operate the smoothly and precisely.

The build of the mouse is rather average, nothing extraordinary or special. Though the plastic does not feel the best, it doesn’t seem cheap either.

The mouse comes with a rubber cord that is fairly long in size and can accommodate most setups. The buttons of Zowie ZA series feel light and snappy.

A tactile and firm click is ensure by the Huano switch. The side buttons and thumb buttons have been smartly placed where your thumb can easily reach without having to stretch your hand.

The scroll wheel is very firm and notchy and as compared to other models is a bit harder to scroll. Overall, considering that Zowie ZA series can be used for both claw grip and palm grip, it is a pretty good mouse. Since the mouse features plug and play, you won’t have to worry about additional drivers.

Now that we’ve seen that the mouse offers some pretty good features, let’s look at the short comings as well. Below mentioned are the pros and cons of the Zowie ZA series.


  • It is lightweight
  • Driverless implementation allows for hassle-free use
  • Flawless tracking and low lift-off distance
  • Comfortable, versatile shape for both palm and claw grip gamers
  • Plug and play, no drivers needed
  • Flawless tracking and low lift-off distance


  • Scroll wheel is nice for gaming but not so much for searching the web and scrolling fast
  • Slightly expensive for the feature set it offers
  • Can be troublesome to toggle bottom DPI button
  • Texture is nice, but it does leave some oil marks on the mouse if the hands are oily


Before you head out to buy a gaming mouse, it is important that you do your research. The best gaming mouse for you depends on your personal preferences, your budget, your hand size and what other features you might be interested in having.

As we all know that gaming mice are available in a whole lot of shapes, colors and sizes. Each of them is different in terms of sensitivity, whereas some are wired, others are wireless. One of the things you should keep in mind is what you will be using the gaming mouse for.

You might want to buy an all-purpose gaming mouse if you are an avid gamer. On the other hand you might want to get a more specialized mouse if your PC is utilized for more specific genres. There’s additionally a level of premium mice that are streamlined for players who need to change each and every detail. These could hypothetically be valuable for novice competition player.

Best Gaming Mice Buying Guide – Basics you need to know:

If you are new to gaming, there are a few basic things that you need to know about mice. All gaming mice feature similar properties. However, these properties can vary in terms of availability of a feature and number. Below, we have mentioned a few things you should be aware of before you choose the right gaming mouse for you.

Number of buttons:

The number of buttons you need on your mouse depends on the genre of games you play. Some roleplay games require you to do different tasks at the same time, hence a mouse that comes with a massive array of buttons will be better suited.

Whereas for some genres, you might only need to use the basic left, right and middle scroll mouse button. A big secret about gaming mice is that even though many brands promote a mouse as a mouse made for a single genre, there’s no such thing as a device that works for just a single classification. The best mouse for the job is the one that feels the most comfortable in your hand.

DPI (Dots Per Inch):

Every mouse has a specific DPI rating, regardless of whether it is used for gaming or simply used in an office. Basically, the DPI rating tells how much you will have to move the mouse to move the cursor across a distance on the screen. The lower the DPI rating, the more you need to move the mouse for the cursor on the screen to move a distance.

A gaming mouse with a DPI between 800 to 1000 is recommended is you prefer to have complete control over the cursor. If the DPI extends this range, there is a high chance that you might end up over shooting the targets in your games.

Some people prefer to change the DPI setting for each game they play. Most of the mice have DPI switch on the top surface of the mouse hence it is easy to change the settings while playing as well.

Wired or Wireless ?

A couple of years ago, gaming with wireless mice was nothing but an unpleasant experience since the technology couldn’t adapt to the responsiveness required for high speed, high octane and high responsive games.

With the super quick reflexes, you’d require a super speedy response of a wired sensor. However, these days excellent, high quality wireless mice are available that are very responsive to clicks and are guaranteed to satisfy even the most avid gamers.

However, if you do not need a wireless mouse, it would be better to buy a wired mouse as they give the same performance and cost relatively cheaper as compared to wireless mice.

Claw grip or palm grip ?

The claw grip has a particular shape that enables the gamer to shape his hand like a claw to position the mouse by pushing it into the back of the palm. Fingertips are used to hold and direct a claw grip mouse and the indent of the user’s palm furthermore balances out the mouse to enable it to be steady whenever lifted.

A mouse that has a high profile and a long body is the best for claw grip. If you are a person who wants a mouse that makes quick and precise movements then the claw grip mouse is an ideal option for you.

However, in comparison to palm grip mice, a claw grip mouse has an unnatural feeling. Since the claw grip mouse feels different it might take users some time to get used to it. It can also make your arms and fingers weary until your hands get used to handling it.

On the other hand, palm grip mice are your basic, everyday use mice that require you to place your whole hand on top of the mouse to use it. Pressure is produced by squeezing together the heel of the hand and the thumb, this allows complete control on the mouse.

Since you place your whole hand on the top of the mouse, you can use any finger to click on the mouse, you won’t need to exert pressure on your fingertips only. Palm grip mice are very comfortable and easy to use. Since you don’t need to exert extra pressure it won’t fatigue your forearm and hands.

How we picked these gaming mice:

Before listing below the top 10 best gaming mice of 2021 we made sure that we were recommending and reviewing the best mice available during these years.

As we mentioned above, it is not easy to choose one best gaming mouse, since most of the times you don’t find all the features you need in one hardware, hence it is best that you are able to gain most out of what you buy.

Therefore, we ensured that the mice mentioned are equipped with the latest and most efficient technology. We also diversified our choices regarding to the features because we know everyone has a different choice and everyone is looking for something different. Below mentioned are few of the features we ensured our top picks are excellent in.

Comfort: We know that most important factor that should be taken into consideration while choosing the right mouse for your gaming is the comfort level it provides.

Obviously, nobody wants their hands and forearms to be fatigued after long gaming sessions. Hence, we made sure that the mice we included in the list are super comfortable and easy to handle.

All things; shape of the mouse, it’s size, height and the length of the mouse contribute to the comfort that the mouse provides, and we paid important attention to these details while picking the gaming mice. While picking out our choices we made sure that these mice don’t fatigue the players hand and forearm.

Durability: It is no surprise that at times gaming mice tend to wear out faster than normal mice that aren’t used for gaming.

This is because gaming mice tend to undergo more pressure as compared to regular mouse. Gaming mice are used for prolonged hours with constant intense clicks and movements.

Hence, they can easily get broken and damaged. While picking these mice we made sure that they were made of strong, durable material so your purchase can last for a good long time even after enduring constant pressure and blows.

Price: Prices of products tend to go up as technology and hardware offered becomes more and more advanced.

We are aware that not everyone can afford high end gaming mice. At times you can find the same quality of performance of a costly mouse in a mouse that is more affordable.

Therefore, we focused on the cost factor as well. We ensured that you can get the best gaming mouse in the most reasonable price. However, if you are looking for a mouse that is super high quality then you can find a few mice that are a little on the costly side as well.

Buttons: Let’s face it, not everyone wants their gaming mouse to be overloaded with buttons unless your gaming genre requires you to utilize more than 5 buttons.

Hence, we focused more on mice that have less than 10 buttons. Along with right click and left click button, a good mouse should have two additional buttons towards the thumb side and a clickable scrollable wheel on the top.

Sensor: Gaming mice feature two kind of sensors, optical sensors and laser sensors. Optical sensor can be used on rough surface as well, whereas laser senor works best on smooth surfaces.

The more reflective a sensor is the better the DPI will be reflected. We have included both, mice with optical and laser sensors in our list. The mice mentioned in the list are equipped with modern sensors, for example pixart3360 and its variants.

Performance: It is pretty useless to buy a wireless mouse that lags, has no latency and interference. Hence, for wireless mice, we made sure that the mice mentioned in the list are robust and efficient.

Considering that in the past people have always had mixed feelings towards wireless mice we paid special attention that these mice have no issues.

We tried to include wireless mice that can also be wired so you don’t have to worry if you think that wireless doesn’t work for you.

Battery life: As compared to wired mice, wireless mice can tend to have an awful battery life because of the lightning effects and high polling rates.

A lot of wireless mice have a 20 to 24 battery life but we tried to select the mice that can at least last up to a reasonable time of 25 to 30 hours.

Appearance: Mice are available in number of different colors and designs. Some come in a simple and easy to use design, whereas some are not complex to use but their design gives off the impression that they are.

A gaming mouse is loved by gamers if it has an attractive design and is comfortable to use at the same time. Since everyone has a different taste, we included mice that range everywhere from minimalist design to a trendy design featuring flashy lights.

How we tested these gaming mice:

All of the mice mentioned were first tested through mouseTester, so their sensors could be evaluated to ensure the accuracy of the tester.

The tracking speed of the mouse was tested as well as sensitivity and polling rate of the mice. Faulty prediction software was tested by disabling the acceleration.

The wireless mice were tested in both wireless and wired mode. All of the wireless mice were used for several week to ensure there weren’t any latency and interference issues.

To ensure that we are listing the best mice available in the market in 2020/2021, we put the mice to test ourselves. We gave every mouse four days of vigorous use, to make sure that these gaming mice are strong enough to withstand the roughness and blows.

The mice that failed the test were eliminated from the list. After we chose our 10 finalists, these mice were sent to our family and friends for further testing.

The hand sizes and the grip style of our testers varied, so this further helped us to decide whether or not the mice we chose would be suitable for a number of people or not.

The mice were used by the testers for a week after which we asked them to fill out a form, explaining what they liked and disliked about them.

Hand Size Guide:

Mouse size is really important and I recommend using smaller mice if you want to aim your best. That means if you have a large hand you’d want to use a medium large mouse. So one size down, It’s about 60% of your hand dimensions (it seems the length of a mouse is more important for grip style).

  • Small: Under 16.9cm / 6.6″
  • Medium: 17-19.5cm / 6.7-7.6″
  • Large: Over 19.6cm / 7.7″

hand size measurements for gaming mouse



  1. I have been using logitech g 303 mice for a while, the mouse I use is good but not that great. I am a MOBA (new) player and need a recommendation..

    • Hi Lewis, you can’t go wrong with Razer Naga Hex V2. It’s an absolute beast with 16000 DPI and 14 buttons. This mice specially made for MOBA gamers in mind.

  2. Good read. going with turtle 300 . I don’t play games that much but this type of mouse help me to edit videos n all that.

  3. G.Skill RIPJAWS MX780 is better than Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. 9.? I am wishing to have a gaming mouse with multi-control function. Will you suggest me which mouse should I buy?

    • If you are looking for the best all-purpose gaming mouse? Then the Logitech G502 is best choice.

  4. Amazing post ,
    By the way if i have very heave budget then which card is Awesome for gaming?
    Normal gaming

    • I am not so sure about your question, but if you are talking about Graphics card then MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1050 GB GDDR5 DirectX 12 is good one.

    • It’s a good budget gaming mouse, but it comes with very little customization options and side grip is slippery.

  5. Corsair M65 is beast 🙂 It has dedicated sniper button which means it is best for PUBG and Call of duty 4 currently 🙂

  6. Logitech G502 is the best gaming mouse according to me. I have been using it for more then 1 year and I feel its the best mouse. And the customization option it provide are also cool I mean you can adjust the weight and the always spinning wheel is awesome. Razer is also another great company who deliver great mouse but personally like G502 is the best.

    • My recommendation is for you SteelSeries Rival 600 , this mouse comes with the best sensor on the planet, really cool RGB lights, adjustable weight and so on. If you play a lot of FPS games then this mouse is a perfect fit.

      If you like lighter mouse then I will suggest you to look at Finalmouse UL Phantom, when it comes to accuracy no mouse can beat this beast.

  7. Im currently having a Logitech G403.I had a G502 and A Roccat Kone XTD which were medium to big mouse.I like it more when mouse are a little bigger and thats why Im probably going to buy the SteelSeries Rival 600 next Week.


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